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  1. OK. I used KDZ to flash romfastboot, then reinstalled Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (Swiftdroid) CM 7.1 and all is well again.
  2. I can see the in the Device Manager, LG device modem under Port. However, when I try KDZ updater, the device disappears from the Device Manager and the KDZ says phone not found.
  3. I had something go wrong during the updating the software to Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (Swiftdroid) CM 7.1. I was using the KDZ updater and suddenly saw messages of errors on the phone screen after which it froze. I can get it to show Download Mode but connecting it back to PC does not help as the phone is not recognized. I have reinstalled the drivers but no success. Is it bricked or there is any way of reinstalling the software ? Thanks
  4. Upgrade and flashing went well and now I have Android version 2.3.7. But I do have a coupe of problems: - wifi is not connecting- unable to obtain IP address - cannot see Market in the apps I would also appreciate i some one can describe steps to roll back to stock ROM if these cannot be solved. Thanks Peeam
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