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  1. hello everyone i needed any rom work in spanich if anyone have a leo gingerbreadmake very happy,thank for your help friends.
  2. hi guys i need the leogingrbread link or another acer liquid rom works,thanks i'm dessesperate
  3. thaks men,i have the same like u,do you give me the light,jeje.
  4. do u talk above base band? because i have this: A-1 04.04-05------ the [email protected]#410 kernel
  5. buddy do you try the miui rom? its not running in my device i have acer liquid s-100,256 ram 512 rom,its correct the rom for my device? thaks for your help.
  6. thaks so much frieds for u help...
  7. the miui lightforce not working in acer liquid,what i have to do? i make full wipe but notthing happen
  8. please upload a new link the old server is not working
  9. to many problems with this rom my friend.
  10. men do you give de lens flare link twist! leogingerbread v5.0?
  11. liquidnext is not working in my acer liquid:no wifi connection,a2sd no working,force close in apps,drain batery in less of 6 hours,leds not working,i´m try liquidnext 1.9.2, becose i want gingerbread,thank for your quikly answer,if do you now about another good rom for acer liquid please tellme.
  12. thaks guy´s for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. somebody helpme i need the rom leogingerbread v5.0 or some miui in spanish, the links of this roms falldown for the sopa law please someboy upload in another server PLEASE...or give me one working link thaks guy´s for your help.
  14. i have the same problem i dont thing hardware problem
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