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  1. It was RootBox rom with Atom Launcher (MIUI Theme) just like omegavesko said.
  2. Konacno potrcao!!! Kakav osecaj...

  3. Hello there, i've been trying to flash this rom but i am having problem, always getting error (status 7), i installed CWM but the problem is still there. I managed to flash cm 10.1 but rootbox cant. Can anyone sugest any solution, thanx? It looks like partition size was the problem, now it's working.
  4. Sine jel to od Jove travara? Ma jok bako od Robije prva ruka. Hahahah

  5. Mozda ne evropska ali borbena zvezda i jadni partizan...

  6. Ako ih ima, nek se jave dobrovoljci za PES 2012 Online.

  7. tilal i'm downloading, how do i install it without loosing all the apps on phone? I have update from 05.04. Tnx,
  8. Yes, i've downloaded metro messaging and i can send sms from contacts and i can read sms and answer it but when i want to enter the app i cant.
  9. I've got problem, when i tried to enter messaging it said Messaging is not responding. I was only doing the setup for apn's. Can someone help me?
  10. THANKS MAN!! instaled tpt helper, flashed tpt with him, instaled cm9 following instructions by merza and it works like charm :D
  11. I checked MD5 sum of downloaded zip file and it's ok, but when i unzip it, and chek image and nandroid files the MD5 sum is not the same.
  12. I understand, i downloaded tpt option 2, but when i checksum files from image folder, numbers dont match.
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