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  1. I can only tell you that you can download the Z4root and try it on you phone
  2. 大哥,为什么我刷了V5.0的后就一直开在开机第一屏了??、
  3. sorry,I'm Chinese,too.....哈哈,这个论坛有几个中国的哦,问一下,问什么我的vivacity刷了4.0后HOME键和搜索键不能用,我刷了基带的
  4. where are you from? I think you may download the Z4ROOT from website and try it on you phone....
  5. 哥们,,你QQ号多少啊,我请教你一下,,我重刷了CM9,,其他都没问题,就是HOME键和搜索键失灵,,这是什么情况?
  6. It's a pity,HOME key and SEARCH key can't works when I follow you suggestion,yet! :( So I think I have to give it up and try other ROMs.........................what's more,I'm looking forword that there will be more ROMs for ZET Crescent/Vivacity :)
  7. :D Thank you for your help,and now I have installed CM9 successfully! :huh: But I find that the HOME key and SEARCH key can't be used,only the vibration if I touch them....I wonder that the CM9 can work only for SF2 perfectly,instead of Vivacity? by the way,I never use the Google translation to translate Chinese into English,because you will understand what I'm talking more difficult if I use it :P
  8. Woo,,,,,it can working well after I try again....It seems to be a misstake that I also choose Wipe cache partition.....
  9. oh,what a mistake I have made.....can your phone working well after flashing the CyanogenMod 9 for the ZTE Crescent,or you touch keys can work? my English is really poor :blink:
  10. Can I understand you mean that I should flashing my phone again?And you have flashed CM9,ca it working without error?
  11. only flshing the Vivacity kernel without other steps? But I have downloaded another ROM in there,and my phone is working we now,ll! :D
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