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  1. selection botton is the camera one ;)
  2. i've just installed the last cm10 by romzesrover so... i think it was. Anyway this week i have some spare time so i'll give a look to your rom :D However THANK YOU for your work ;)
  3. it says "symlink: some symlinks failed" error status... i cannot install the package
  4. sorry guys but the new rom has lot of bugs that there weren't in the base rom (cm7 remix) so i decided to stop this project because it will take too much time to solve all bugs. now i'll focus on a newer ICS MIUI rom
  5. @mura88 i'm already working on the latest v4 rom released, but change that rom make sense. In fact it won't take me a long time to repack and will be an ultimate miui v3 stable rom which all liquid users could use in their daily usage... so I will release this version today or at least tomorrow and then i'll focus on 3.2.22 stable ICS rom
  6. ok i'll make an update version of MIUI v3 for our liquid. now: would you prefer a repack of the stable version 2.3.7c (2.1.20) ported by phoenix or a port of a newer beta version? MUI v3 releases go until 2.4.13 (for htc desire). In case you want a newer version (the last MIUI v3 rom is 2.4.20) please post the link in this topic because i couldn't find anything on official sities.
  7. thanks for trying it! i have spare time till university begins so I would like to port the latest V4 rom released (3.2.22) in those days, but i also think that it would be interesting to port a MIUI v3 with Master_T's rom as base... I'll think about it :)
  8. ROM Base: Atomic V3 by end222 ROM Ported: MIUI.us 2.10.12 Snap Series port for LG P500 by Ideosdev [XDA] ROM Specs: Deep sleep is working! (so battery drain is pretty acceptable) Sensors seem fully working (i'm not sure if proximity sensor is working) Services.jar and framework.jar patched LiquidParts included MIUI.us app (for advanced customization) ROM Bugs: Themes cannot be changed Sms led Let me know... LINK: https://mega.co.nz/#...ahEPucnpjIn-0YU Changelog: V thepasto kernel: based on Atomic V3 with thepasto kernel that improves smoothness and stability and fix deep sleep issue V 1.1: framework.jar and services.jar patched (https://mega.co.nz/#...3um2YaTpAQlS2gM) V 1: Initial release based on CM 9.1 by RomzesRover_R with ]ray kernel (https://mega.co.nz/#...wJlM8evTfL773U0) Recommended: [*]1 or 2 reboots after flashing [*]Use TWRP recovery [*]Unmark "delivery reports" in sms settings [*]Clean sometimes apps in multitasking [*]ENJOY!
  9. does it give you any error? to install this rom i recommend TWRP recovery. -no it's only english and chinese -you should edit "framework-res.apk" and "framework-miui-res.apk" that you can find in framework's folder edit: proximity sensor and sms led are not working edit 2: end22 you are right! i've forgotten a quote in an uptdater-script line after a mod... sorry :unsure: new link: https://mega.co.nz/#!hI90HRbB!YlWz2WaG4beko6Ey78FRfFQrtM88wJlM8evTfL773U0 tomorrow i'll start debugging this and working on a more update rom
  10. today i've compiled a miui with this base too! Port: MIUI.us V4 2.10.12 Snap Series for LG P500 by IdeosDev [from XDA] Base: CM9.1 Super Hornet by RomzesRover_R with Ray]'s kernel Specs: Full HW working (till now) and customazation of MIUI.us including an app that gives you more tweaks... Bugs: themes don't want to change (i'm investigating) Link: look into next page(in previous link i've forgotten a quote in updater-script) Let me know if there are other bugs and i promise that i'll do my best to solve them ;) i'll open a new topic in case that this port is a good base for further updates :D
  11. there is another problem... jb has a different system partition layout can you make a bootable kernel with this changes? if you can i will port the n1 or the desire jb or miui 4.1 rom and debug them
  12. you can port roms from n1, sony-ericsson experia x10, htc desire and everyone else that has gpu adreno 200 and cpu qualcomm snapdragon...
  13. great work thepasto! i've only one report: during the installation with goomanager it give me a random offset: 0x28a... i think there is a problem with permissions... however the rom works perfectly :)
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