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  1. i changed again to a CM7 rom port for u8220 , because of some bugs. the message space to chat doesn't refresh all times, i need to click on other element on the screen and touch to write again and it shows what i write, but doesnt shown new "chars". another one made me get back, is about, while receiving a call, the block screen stucks, and a needed to take off the batery and restart all again :/ hope it will help
  2. i like the launcher, between this and the iphonish , a prefer this one. Just a bug (i think) in contacts, some of them show a yellow picture above the contact, looks ugly :/ but, every thing else that a test until now, looks very nice thanks
  3. just that... :/ i really need classes xD Thanks Domica
  4. i would like a little explanation how to flash the boot img :/ just a topic list. i just dont want to make a mess :/ thanks and good work :)
  5. with the 1.2.2 wifi did work, but sync doesn't, and i really use it. i just hope that it works in this one, after wifi of course xD
  6. i'm very interested, but without wifi no chance :( i have a problem with the last version, the 1.2.2 with sync. it doesn't work at all. at least on my u8230 :/ hope this one works xD after wifi of course Anyway, good job
  7. Hi guys, I just tried the rom zoki.mi's posted, and it looks cool, i would use it, if the sync with google acount works!!! i didn't try the one that the wifi doesn't work because i really need it :) good work
  8. Moskito204

    [ROM] Onyx (CM7; updated 2012 04 22)

    is there any large diference between this rom and the styx?
  9. Moskito204

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    Hi Is there so much differences from kernel .29 to .32? I recently installed the TXG, and i'm at least curious about this rom. 1 questions: it's good enough for every day use ? Thanks Moskito204
  10. Moskito204

    [ROM] TXG (CM6.1 mod), updated 2012 02 02

    thanks i've installed the rom, and it look ok. no problems found this time... i think that happened because the sd card was not well formated. Thanks Moskito204
  11. Moskito204

    [ROM] TXG (CM6.1 mod), updated 2012 02 02

    i'm asking it because a i think last time a tried to format my sd with rom manager it upgrade automatically to version 3 and i think that could be a problem ( from reading in the forum about incompatibilities). but if you can guide me throw that i'll be glad. xD Thanks
  12. Moskito204

    [ROM] TXG (CM6.1 mod), updated 2012 02 02

    i really think i made everything by the book. but i dont promise anything. xD ok i'll try to do it again with all atention as possible. is it possible that the micro sd not well formatted create this problem? is there any win application to format the sd in the partitions we should have? i'll apreciate any tips you could give me. thanks Moskito204
  13. Moskito204

    [ROM] TXG (CM6.1 mod), updated 2012 02 02

    Hi, Just before installing this version, i really dont now what rom i was installed ( i think that i've a cyanogen 6 / 6.1 or a 7.2 ), but before those i had an official android 2.1 from TMN (portugal network). But, i've some problems with the installations of many roms, and my sd card just broke down, and now i've again, and almost clean the TMN version of Eclair. Is there any problem with that, or should i go to other version to install this one later? About the market, it's not the question of market dont work, because it works. The rom just stops every time i tried to install an application ( from sd card or market) and about that i didn't find anything on the previous posts. Thank you and sorry about my poor english. Moskito204
  14. Moskito204

    [ROM] TXG (CM6.1 mod), updated 2012 02 02

    Hi guys, Today, i've installed this rom on my U8230 (TMN A1), it look cool, and fast, but, i've a problem when trying to install applications from the market or from sd. As soon as the installation process starts the rom blocks and restarts. i've an ext of 256mb and a swap of 64mb some tips?

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