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  1. Never locked, fully boxed with untouched accs. Condition same as new. Just under two weeks old, only tested in house so as new.64GB£539 Inc RMSD
  2. Brand new and sealed. Details https://amzn.to/2QBiTJl
  3. Motorola G6 Plus in Blue. Single SIM plus MicroSD. Not quite 24 hours old yet CPW receipt available. Not on a contract. All CPW handsets are unbranded and unlocked. Will include a case once it arrives from Amazon later today and it has a cheap TPU in box. £189 Inc RMSD
  4. Mavic Air Fly More Package From Argos bought in April 2018 In addition to this lot you will also have DJI Refresh until April 2019 which replaces the drone for a small fee up to two times if you crash it. Normally £89 Plus a decent Tablet Holder for using a tablet as the screen, takes a 9.7 iPad very nicely. The iOS cable is missing but replaced with a better one anyway. All boxed, postage will be hefty on this so this price includes a two or 3 day insured service or for £10 additional RMSD.
  5. In case people think I am being rude (I answered on Twitter :-), just to confirm that unless this makes £150, which I guess it won't with them being only £169.99 new on Amazon right now, I will just keep it. Thanks for offer though. Kev
  6. Huawei P Smart and case. £149Bought from O2 and fully paid for on PAYG.Permanently unlocked by code.Original box etc.Inc RMSD and a cheap but decent case.Kev
  7. Thanks mate, I managed to find this chap via eBay, and got the unlock code in about 10 mins, and at 11pm. Pretty pleased with that :-) eBay Unlock for Nexus
  8. Anyone used an Online unlocked and actually got a code yet? Can't wait for O2 to unlock it am happy to pay sensible amount. Really want actual results rather than generic suggestions of sites that might have codes. Thanks all Kev
  9. Prob not, I got one on mine supplied by O2 Kev
  10. Hi all, wondering if anyone else was finding the max brightness too low in Apps with a white background, like Gmail, Web etc? It is much lower than the S2, but I have found out why. On the S2 under the Display settings, there is Auto Brightness of course, but further down there is another one, "Auto Adjust screen power" and the problem is, the Nexus is missing this control. Anyone know how easy it would be to add it? If you want pictures tosee what I mean, search for @kevwright on Twitter and see my last few Tweets. TIA Kev
  11. kevwright

    Profile Valet

    Hi, I need a copy of the APK for Profile Valet, which has disappeared from the Market, can anyone help me please. Kev
  12. Yeah, it was just as an alternative to paying £500 on SIm Free really, not taking contract into account. How did you get the £101 CB on TCB mate, that is for a Blackberry account only surely? Kev
  13. Can you better this deal I have now done 3 times? Remember that it is all about getting the SGS 2 cheap, not about the SIM or contract AT ALL! http://www.kevwright.com/home/2011/5/23/sa...ed-for-351.html Cheers Kev
  14. Have a look at my blog mate, £351 or less.... http://www.kevwright.com/home/2011/5/2/sgs...a-lot-less.html Kev
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