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  1. Hi. Help. I undervolted my Liquid Metal and now it won't bootup. I'm running MT Control 1.4, T&L Metal 2.3.6 and Technolovers Kernel edition 1.4c. Yes, I tried running deleteBootUndervolt and it still gets stuck on the technolovers kernel edition screen. Any ideas short of restoring from (an old) backup? Cheers.
  2. Hi. I installed T&L metal ( on top of 4.000.13 a couple of days ago and everything seemed fine for a day apart from some hiccups with the wifi. But on the second day, the Android Markets app stop working. Funnily enough I could access the market indirectly through the market widget but otherwise the market app seemed to have disappeared. I couldn't see any trace of market.apk in the sys/apps folder. I tried reinstalling it and after a few tries (and versions) it seemed to install but it still wouldn't work - the apk was installed but still not recognised. Clearing the cache and data didn't make a difference either so I was forced to do a factory data reset which temporarily fixed the problem. But less than a day later the market has gone AWOL again. Again, I can access the market through the market widget but I don't particularly want to have it swallow up my screen. Does anyone have any ideas to stop this? Cheers.
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