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  1. Allarddb

    ZTE Bricked?

    The problem is also that I can't flash a TPT.. So what must I do now! Ok I was in the TPT Menu but there was a list of errors.. Ok I use this tutorial and now I'm back in Clockworkmod recovery. But now I wanted to go back in a Stock ROM. Is there a simple tutorial how to?
  2. Allarddb

    ZTE Bricked?

    Yes i saw this topic. But I don't know where I must be. And don't understand it.. The problem is I can't go to Clockworkmod. The only thing I could do is go to FTM mode. :(
  3. Hi! I'm sorry for another topic about FTM. But I search everywhere but couldn't find it. And I am a little bit in panic right now. The problem is I install some things for my ZTE Blade for going back to the Stock ROM. But when I reboot my phone and but the volume button down it gives FTM and that is the only thing I could do. I tried everything Volume up and down Button + Home button nothing works. Is there someone who can help me please! Gr,
  4. Allarddb

    Back to old device

    Thanks but the problem is I doesn't understand TPT's and I can't find tutorials..
  5. Allarddb

    Going back to Stock ROM - ZTE Blade

    Same problem! :-(
  6. Hi, I have a litlle problem.. I wanted to go back to the normal ZTE Blade firmware unrooted. But I forgot to make a back-up of my old firmware. So I want it unrooted and have the normal ZTE Blade 2.2 firware. I have a dutch ZTE Blade (bought on bol.com) Is there anyone who can help me? Gr
  7. I'm sorry :$ I always doing that but I've been to fast. Sorry.. But the other problem is my camera it is very strange! When I click on it the screen is black. Is there an patch where I can make it?
  8. Hi, Today I install the tutorial for Cyanogenmod9 I did all the steps corecctly and I've install also the gapps. But when I had install this I don't have Google Play. Can someone help me with this? And another problem is the camera it doesn't work on my phone? Gr,
  9. Thank you! :) I've tried it 2 times.. The first time it stocks the second times i gets a error. En now I'm trying it and I hope it works this time :-)
  10. hmmm, ok but the kitchen is full right now.. :( So I have to wait..
  11. Is it possible on Swedish Snow? In your video you must select NTsense in Theme Chooser but that isonly working on Cyanogenmod :-(
  12. Can you tell a bit more? I am new here so I dont know :$
  13. Hi Today I wanna install HTC Sense (theme) on my ZTE Blade. And I found this video on youtube. I followed all the steps but when he said that I must install NTsense by ThemeChooser I stock. because that is a program from CyanogenMod and my ROM is Swedish Snow RLS6. But I really want to install apply NTsense can you guys help me with this? Gr
  14. Hi, I'm sorry if this topic is started thousand and thousand times, I've searched but i couldn't find anything. I am a couple of days looking for a good convert program for my ZTE Blade. Now I am using FormatFactory but I don't know what are the right settings for the best quallity. I hope you can help me with a good program! ;) Gr,

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