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  1. I've been using atomic mod for a long time and I have this problem that when I make a call, phone just vibrates once and than restards. This is not happening all the time, maybe few times a week but it's very annoing. I figured it out that it restarts more often when i put phone on ear instantly, but if I wait a few seconds and then put it (when making a call) on ear it restarts less, but problem is still there. I do not have any trouble with proximity sensor, it is working well, and i have this problem with every rom, not just this one. Please help!
  2. my bad.. I'm talking about zte skate... thought this thread is for skate :)..
  3. this update works much slower than r13 on my device, led light on back button doesn't flash when sms or any message comes, but it work when it's charging or low battery.. sometimes when i click power off button to lock my phone, it locks but screen continues to work (backlight doesn't turns off), also when i try to unlock, sometimes it takes about two seconds to react (to turn on backlight and show unlock button).. does anyone have that problems? i'm sure that I have a few more, but I can't remember at the moment :D
  4. i have a problem, my notification bar is empty, i dont see clock, battery or anything.. does anyone have that problem, please help.. :) and previous verson had that bug, is this just on my phone or what??
  5. yep, you're right.. hope that tillaz will finish this rom today, cant wait any more.. my computer is running several days by now and i'm constantly refreshing this page.. :)
  6. this is to me, probably the best rom for zte skate.. i couldnt wait for tillaz's update for atomic mod so i put cm9 (but camera flash wont work :() so guess i'll have to wait for this..
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