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  1. The script int2ext+ didnt work for me,too now I'm Trying int2extv2+
  2. I had dispose of it by myself Now I am enjoy this Rom 谢谢你 tilal6991!
  3. I really like this rom but I think the height of navigation bar is too big can you make the navigation_bar_height as 26 dip Thanx a lot I'm not a American,my English is poor... so....
  4. slowriter

    best place to get Jiayu G3

    在这里看到佳域G3的消息感到很惊讶呢 Surprise to see the news about jiayu G3 in this forum
  5. slowriter

    Screen bug on ZTE SKATE

    "Excuse me for English I used google translation" where are you from? :)
  6. Great Job! I really want to try this
  7. slowriter

    What did everyone get for Christmas? ;)

    Nothing! Because I am Chinese Although more and more Chinese have started Christmas day) :)
  8. slowriter

    [ROM][ICS 4.0.4] LG 4.0UI BETA 2

  9. I'm chinese................

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