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  1. I presented a rom, but there is no section ... :wacko:
  2. AndroIum 2.5 available ! - New kernel by ZTE (june 2013) - New librairie wifi by ZTE june 2013 (wpa_supplicant, system/bin) - Somes icons Sense 5, mod Nemus launcher, new wallpaper default - New bootscreen - All updates OTA a 2.0.2 (changes notification tray...) - All updates apps - Update host file (no pub)
  3. Hello : http://www.mediafire...ewi5a7/boot.img And remove the logo would be nice too;) Changelog: Fixes a problem when the internal memory is full.
  4. No, it works perfectly I often used to see the arrival of my bus in real time ... I do not see why it does not work while the camera is operating at 100% more :)
  5. 2.0.3 : Mod Notification : Add Swipe remove notification, Add Settings buttons.
  6. ZIP Flash : http://www.mediafire...mw124hvxo7lvxeh The Tethering works with this version (file wpa_supplicant), but the "EAP-SIM Free Mobile" will not work, but you're not concerned because you're not in Free Mobile :)
  7. On the stock ROM same problem :/ I took the opportunity to notify ZTE because there working on a new ROM.
  8. Update available :) Watch the first message. Version 2.0.1 : -Init.d Tweaks (comme FNC 8): -ram cleanup at boot -zipallign at boot -sleep tweak -net speed tweak -touchscreen sensitivity tweak -Nouveau raccourci "Avancé" (dans les paramètres réseaux) permettant de modifier le type de réseau (GSM Only -> 2G, GSM Auto (PRL) -> 2G/3G) -Ajout DSP Manager -Nouvelle Calculatrice TouchWiz (Samsung) -Suppression du widget de présentation d'Android "protips.apk" -Remplacement de l'Horloge par celle de MIUI + modification du thème par mes soins -Clavier qui n'impose plus la correction -Correction du petit bug d'affichage dans la zone de notification lors d'un téléchargement -Finitions sur l'interface : Bootscreen, icônes, fonts, fond de menu, clavier, actualités, Radio FM... -CRT Off Animation -OTA Updater
  9. AndroIum 1.5 Beta available : -Init.d Tweaks (as FNC 8): -ram cleanup at boot -zipallign at boot -sleep tweak -net speed tweak -touchscreen sensitivity tweak -New shortcut "Advanced" (in network settings) to change the network type (GSM Only -> 2G GSM Auto (PRL) -> 2G/3G) -Added DSP Manager New Calculator TouchWiz (Samsung) -Remove the widget presentation Android "protips.apk" Keyboard-which no longer requires correction -Fixed small bug in the notification area when downloading Mods-minor interface: Bootscreen, some icons, menu background ... MiFile-Explorer is no longer in the system folder, but then un-installable data but also to facilitate update this http://www.mediafire...f44flgiariihfdr MD5 : FC2EE448F65B9513239B928F319C2DE9 Mandatory WIPES !
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