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  1. Thanks, i was wondering if someone else could see what this guy was doing. He was being abusive, if you said anything to him then he would accuse you of being aggressive towards him. Then he started being disrespectful towards kyan31. I wanted to say something(kyan31, said I should fall back and chill) , but I would of got banned for what I had to say to him. C'mon bro the guy had 140 post and most of them are him taking the piss in different threads. What!!, and you didnt notice!. If someone insults you what are suppose to do, just wear it....? not me....! Anyway Thanks bro for banning the fool...Good lookin out!! @kyan31, sorry to hear about your loss, I know what it feels like. We both live in the same endz of London nw(north weezy), ive got some mother boards which you can have, if your interested, not sure if the specs are high enough for you, you can have them for free
  2. I hear what you are saying, but its worth the read, then you will understand the ROMs you are putting on your phone. I had 1 reboot when I first installed, didnt have a any 3g drop outs until i put the next launcher on my phone, I uninstalled the app and I have not had any drop outs. Its a dam good rom, my phone runs sweet and fast. Let the code of the rom settle in on your phone and you will understand. If you go to the nexus, s3 or sony forums people are complaining about the same issues with their ROMs, its all part of making your phone better. If you dont want or cant deal with the issues, stay with what your phone came with. Post back and say how you are getting on in a couple of days What do you mean slow...explain..? Good luck and Good lookin out
  3. @kyan31....this is what happens when you let thing slide. The idiots give a compliment, then they cuss you and be rude in the next breath, then they say you are being rude.....wow!!!! I'll leave this one to you...lol
  4. Sorry bruv, I dont mean to come off a aggressive in your thread, but some folk are too lazy to read. You put in some hard work with this rom and I respect that. I dont understand how someone can buy a phone(spend their hard earned), but not read everything they can about changing the operating system, knowing!!...knowing!! they they can end up bricking the phone and losing their money. I cant help throwing folk under the bus for asking stupid question...lol Again, I dont mean to disrespect you or your thread. Your rom works great for me , keep up the good work.
  5. No, the search does not suck. If you search MD5 Error the answer comes up, if go 2 pages back the answer is there...smh! So, new members shouldnt have to read the thread with info about the rom they are about to put on their phone......wow!!! Ps..dont swear at me again.....now we both have been told!!!!!!
  6. This thread has 50 pages of feedback, if you are reading this topic why are you asking dumb questions before you have read it.....?
  7. Why didnt you read this this thread before you installed software onto your phone, because, if you did, you wouldnt be asking this question!!!. Do you know how to use the search...?...smh!
  8. The battery is fine........read the thread before you make dumb ass comments "you got to fix it!"........you should add a please to that statement........learn some manners...smh!!!
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