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  1. Hi Rapid, I just read the whole forum (not easy, I lack the vocabulary!) And I understood how to flash this rom in french! I will try again with a French CSC, and put the backup on top?! Thank you again for this great achievement, you assuredly merrite a french beer! Health!
  2. Hello Rapid81, I just installed this Rom (Build 29022,5,3,12) and this is by far the most formidable that I tested. It will remain on my OMNIA II because it is exactly what I wanted if I cook ... but I'm just a humble French user, require a little bit. So a big thank you for this wonderful achievement that revolutionized my smatphone! NB: I used the French language proposed in the ROM, but loses the advantages of the original ROM! Can this be done simply by installing 040C mui files? Is there a French language pack for NXXJI1?
  3. Hello Bob, Thank you for this ROM that works smoothly on my i8000. This rom is well with my requirements ... except that I am French! For Frenchify this one, I need the MUI files 040C ... can you tell me how to download or is there a lang pack for it? Excuse me for my English aproximatif and thank you in advance for your response. Jacques
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