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  1. Don't think so as I haven't moved any apps to external.... Could this still be causing an issue?
  2. Hi All, I set this up for my misses the other day (moved from CM10.1) with the view that it was quicker and more polished. I installed it after a full wipe (both caches and factory reset) and installed both of the R4 patch (the patch and OAT update patch). Now however she is getting a lot of "application stopped working" errors, with everything from gmail to tubechaser. it seems to be resolved after a reboot sometime and sometimes not. I checked the MD5's and they look good. Is anyone else getting this and has anyone else got and ideas apart from another full wipe and re-install? Thanks
  3. you want the one for CM10.1: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Gapps
  4. Be sure to install GAPPS listed in the OP after you have installed the base ROM.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy with the TPT to a new partition with at least 160MB system. Just interested in what you mean by "incomplete" or are you just refering to the fact that it's a work in progress ROM (like the rest of them....).
  6. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can comment on performance of this ROM compared with CM7 (old I know) looking at updating my wife's phone but don't want to slow her down or cause any issues (the thread suggests this ROM is stable now). Thanks Ed
  7. Well I have to say I'm loving this ROM, so fast and smooth, Thanks so much! One question and the only bug or Issue I have with the ROM is the loud in call volume, I know it's a listed bug but wondering if anyone has has any luck finding a workaround? Thanks!
  8. Thank you Sebastian and Daum, the default Chinese splash screen had been killing me, great work!
  9. EddyC01

    B927 - My Experience.

    I have a Parrot CK3100 and I'm on B926 and having the same random reboots. I was going to try a change to B927 but looks like there isn't any point. Anyone else?
  10. EddyC01

    "Wi-Fi disconnected"

    Ah good spot! I can confirm that changing this setting to "false" does indeed disable that really annoying popup when you switch between WIFI and mobile data. Thanks!
  11. EddyC01

    "Wi-Fi disconnected"

    I have just been searching my build.prop and can't see "ro.config.hw_new_wifitopdp" anywhere in there, am I just blind or is it not there?
  12. Hi Tilal, yes I had seen your post somewhere earlier and can't wait; your ICS ROM for the Blade was great! I am keen to see what kind of support / demand is around also. I hope people are keen for CM, rather than just banking on Huawei... and maybe we can give you a helping hand... I was thinking of going with a horses head on the door step but they are becoming increasing harder to come by.... noted and changed thanks!
  13. Firstly apologies if this cross posting isn't allowed, I had a look through the forum rules and didn't see a mention of it. Hi All, I have started a threat over at Cyanogen mod to poll for peoples interest in developing CM for the G300. I have asked people to state their interest as either a donor or dev. My thinking is it will show the demand for the ROM and also if enough people pledge as a donor then we could maybe fund a couple of devices for some keen dev's? Please find it at the following link: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/49942-cm-for-huawei-u8815-vodafone-g300/ Not to say that the G300 isn't a great phone as it stands but after being a massive fan of CM on the ZTE Blade I think it will be great on the G300! Cheers Ed
  14. I have to agree, I'm getting much better performance now on the new nightly (20th Apr) with WIFI on and connected all day!
  15. You can find the latest version of GAPPS at: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Latest_Version/Google_Apps

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