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  1. Redownload the zip as it could be corrupt and try again, perhaps use a different recovery if that doesn't help (CWM or TWRP)
  2. Haven't logged onto here for a very long time, just came to say thank you. I appreciate the gesture and I'm glad your phone is working better for you, all the best to you.
  3. These are all limitations of gingerbread, nothing to do with me. Its plain old.
  4. That feature wasn't introduced to android till 4.0. You'll need a task killer app.
  5. Glad you got it sorted,and fyi wipe data/factory reset would have worked yes
  6. Stock settings is best for the most stable battery and performance, but you can tweak things around yourself for better battery or performance, its your choice and nothing will go wrong so just experiment.
  7. No, sorry. If there are any big bugs I will try to fix them but nothing more.
  8. unfortunately no, this is for getting the gradient effect, not transparency.
  9. I already tried many times do do it, could never get it working, however i'm not that experienced.
  10. adaway is no longer on the playstore, blocks ads which is negative to googles revenue. You can search for the APK online as i'm not allowed to post any links for you here.
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