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  1. Use this thread to discuss about china phones, your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and experience are welcomed! THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN BUYING A CHINA PHONE #1 - The prices shown here are based on the prices in China. It will cost more internationally as the phone increases in price, and there is also P&P. If you buy a phone shown here for $160/£107, you will probably be paying $200/£130. #2 - Always use PayPal when buying from a china store, unfortunately a lot of problems 'can' occur when shipping, or with the seller themselves. PayPal will ensure your money is safe until you get your product. #3 - Only buy from trusted sellers, there are a lot of scam websites around so be careful. As I said before, just use PayPal and you should be okay. Here is a list of trusted sellers to save you the grief of buying online: TRUSTED FastCardTech Merimobiles Uredeal ​UNTRUSTED/NOT SURE Android-Sale (untrusted) Pandawill (not sure) AntElife (Untrusted - they don't reply to emails)
  2. Presenting Tesla, created by me Kyan31. This ROM is based on stock B960 and has been created to expand the stock experience. It's smoother, faster, feature packed, and overall just a better experience compared to stock. As always, there will be more updates to come, so constructive feedback and criticism is always welcomed. Anyway, let's get to the features: Based on Stock B960 Ouch Kernel by Kra1o5 Battery tweaks Performance tweaks Cache and dalvik changes Image and video enhancements (800x480 video and improved bitrate) Signal and internet tweaks Live wallpaper enhancements Scrolling Cache disabled - scrolling is super smooth SD cache set at 2048 for faster read/write speeds SD Card set as default - Will vary between users Touchscreen sensitivity enhancements Pre-rooted and busybox installed - Koush's Superuser Sony mobile Bravia Engine 2 CM Toggles by Tillaz Apollo Player CM Keyboard - More dictionaries Reboot to recovery by Tillaz Contacts locked in memory for minimal caller-ID lag Modified Trebuchet with wallpaper hack enabled and JB search bar Adblocking hosts file ICS Camera Modified QuickPic Gallery DSP Manager merged with Beats Audio 30 Media volume steps for precise control Call Recording Tesla Settings Font manager System Control (Build.prop mods and more!) By Tillaz AOKP's Performance control By Tillaz Custom Tesla lockring Custom battery mod - accurate to 1% Other JB style UI changes OTA updates Tesla Statistics Some language in apps re-written to tailor to the G300 APK's Zipaligned for quicker loading times Removed bloat for small memory footprint (190MB including Google apps) Some system apps are uninstallable Multi-DPI Custom Tesla wallpapers by PCTechRoss Custom bootanimation Other stuff I can't remember :P ...and more to come soon! Tesla settings may crash on boot after ringer delay is set to 0, however the issue is only on boot and can be completely ignored. You can also just change the ringer delay to something else and the FC will go away, i'll fix it in the next release. V1 (Solidfiles): http://www.solidfile...m/d/1b6379c9a2/ | MD5: F385BCEE70D28A64AC216A3F08095EC7 First time user Press the +1 button Download the ROM, the patch (if available), and put them on your SD card Boot into recovery Wipe data/factory reset Wipe both dalvik/cache partitions Choose zip, choose the ROM, and install Choose zip, choose patch (if available) and install Reboot If using TWRP, do not allow it to fix root if it prompts you to. Root is fine on this ROM Now, using a root explorer, delete loopy smoothness from /system/etc/init.d. I can't make patches due to the laptop problem so you'll have to do this manually. If coming from another version of Tesla PLEASE READ: If you are running a version of Tesla that has not been installed with full wipes, do not report bugs as It causes confusion. Installing without full wipes can cause bugs, so full wipes are usually recommended. You can flash without wipes if you wish, but do not report anything to me as it's not my fault! Thank you. Press the +1 button if you haven't already Wipe cache Wipe Dalvik cache Choose zip and then choose the ROM Reboot If using TWRP, do not allow it to fix root if it prompts you to. Root is fine on this ROM The first boot always takes longer, so make a cup of tea while you're waiting. I also recommend giving the device an extra 5 minutes even after boot to ensure a smooth experience. Once you have done this, have fun :) If you like the ROM, hit that +1 button! You can also +1 the Addons/FAQ section as it gives me a better reputation on the MoDaCo forums :P Thanks :) Credits Thanks BETA testers for testing and sending feedback when needed. The BETA testers include: - PCTechRoss - Manuel.P - Mnupea - HTCMania - Kieranswhite - Jaime - TheJaimes111 - HTCMania I also want to thank these people: - Mack for the B960 repack - Tillaz for all the help he has given me, it has really come in handy so thanks a lot. I also thank him for the various contributions in the ROM - PCTechRoss for the feedback, support and the awesome wallpapers, you should check them out by the way, they look great ;) - Kra1o5 for the Kernel, it allows OC and init.d so i'm really grateful for it - Cyda for the volume wake modification, you can find it in the addons - Donators - Anyone else I may have forgotten, sorry if I have. Feel free to remind me if I have forgotten you Donators Hayder7 PCTechRoss Colehole Rob4x4 Joao R. Gioggio70 Yoo2 Patricia1066 Moe29 Jim T Thanks for the donations, I really appreciate it If you want to donate, you can go here and donate via PayPal: DONATE I don't need much, but anything I get is greatly appreciated. It makes me happy knowing that people like my work enough to donate. Anyway, if you are going to donate, thanks in advance, if you're not, you can just say 'thanks for the ROM' as that makes me equally as happy :) Thanks. View Tesla ROM statistics If you own a Huawei U8665 and you want to use my ROM, you can find the U8665 compatible version here. Cameron581 ported it over to the device, so I thank him for that :) Heres the thread if you're interested: http://fusion2.org/s...&pid=159#pid159
  3. Hey guys, I haven't really been doing much around here, but i'm back and I've cooked up a little something for all of you. Presenting GBXtreme™ for the Huawei Ascend G300 :) Features: Built on Gingerbread B895 Stock Deodexed, Busyboxed, rooted, and zipaligned as standard Ouch Kernel v1.0 Swipe Away Notifcations by Hippy Dave Completely overhauled UI, Minimal CyanBread SpringSteel font Screenshot & Reboot to Recovery in power menu Latest Google apps built in, stripped other apps that'll be available in flashable form Stock AOSP apps such as: Mms Launcher Browser Calender Calculator Camera Music & Video Few others Many performance fixes and enhancements such as: Fixed laggy loading spinners Scrolling smoothness improved a lot RAM use is more efficient Less background battery drain Better screen clarity - Bravia Engine™ Modified DSP Manager - newer and better audio libs Adblocking hosts file - Use adaway to keep it p to date Latest superuser binaries and SuperSU application More technical background stuff you probably dont care about Lots of fun stuff too such as: Built in overclocking tool, header to access it is in settings similar to CM. CyanogenMod 11 ringtones, notification tones and alarms KitKat UI tones such as camera shutter etc. New easteregg, probably the best feature (bein' sarcastic here) CM statistics, mainly for me. I'd just like to know how many people use my ROMs :P And more will hopefully come soon, but I am a student so there will not be frequent updates. However small important fixes etc. will be looked apon frequently as this is my daily rom, OTA updates will be introduced in the next build. Upcoming features (hopefully) CM Toggles - The code is very difficult, so there is a high chance ill never figure this out. Why did 'lidroid' have to build for a TouchWiz device? :ph34r: :lol: GBX Hub - hopefully some added functionality to stock GB, also no promises. This is something i'd have to invest a lot of time into which I don't have much of these days. I'm sure you all understand. Themed phone, unfortunately the phone is the only app which is not themed at all. It looks like stock huawei. The phone app gives a bit of trouble when trying to compile, so themeing it may be impossible. OTA updates And, finally the downloads: Prerequisites You must have a custom recovery, CWM or TWRP Downloads B1 - DOWNLOAD MD5: 5300e4831256c25637f165a985365099 B2 - DOWNLOAD MD5: cafc07474ce5a7993eff9f2b7554e13d - CWM ONLY! CWM ONLY! CWM ONLY! CWM ONLY! CWM ONLY! Swipe Away Notifictions Addon - By Hippy Dave - DOWNLOAD PATCHES ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ALREADY ON B1! NOT NEEDED FOR B2 USERS! PATCH 1 - DOWNLOAD MD5: c66826f45d565ed5b33022eafcd4bf0a - FLASH ME FIRST PATCH 2 - DOWNLOAD MD5: 86a8b06692f1490295c11d387115dbf6 - FLASH ME SECOND fixed MMS, now based on themed huawei mms apk corrected ram size in settings fixed downloads removed battery icon from calendar restored stock mms icon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Installation Instructions: Copy downloaded rom to your SD card Boot into recovery Wipe data/factory reset, wipe system Wipe dalvik and cust Choose file from SD card and select rom - let it install Then choose file from SD again, and choose the patch Wait for installation to finish, flash any other chosen addons on top and boot Give the device an extra 5 minutes to freshen up after boot and start using ^_^ Please Read If you enjoy my work, please press that little +1 button in the bottom right of this post. Press all of my posts if you want, that would actually be great :lol:. It improves my reputation on this forum, and its free. It's just like the THANKS button on XDA. If you really enjoy my work and don't mind sending me some £££, I have a PayPal donate link in my signature. Whatever you do, just don't download without doing the above. It's not nice as I put a lot of effort into this, and i'm not obliged to share it. Thanks :) Alright, happy downloading!
  4. Redownload the zip as it could be corrupt and try again, perhaps use a different recovery if that doesn't help (CWM or TWRP)
  5. Nice to see there's still people around here!
  6. Haven't logged onto here for a very long time, just came to say thank you. I appreciate the gesture and I'm glad your phone is working better for you, all the best to you.
  7. These are all limitations of gingerbread, nothing to do with me. Its plain old.
  8. That feature wasn't introduced to android till 4.0. You'll need a task killer app.
  9. kyan31

    I need help too :p

    Glad you got it sorted,and fyi wipe data/factory reset would have worked yes
  10. Stock settings is best for the most stable battery and performance, but you can tweak things around yourself for better battery or performance, its your choice and nothing will go wrong so just experiment.
  11. No, sorry. If there are any big bugs I will try to fix them but nothing more.
  12. unfortunately no, this is for getting the gradient effect, not transparency.
  13. I already tried many times do do it, could never get it working, however i'm not that experienced.
  14. Alright, thanks for letting me know and no problem :)
  15. adaway is no longer on the playstore, blocks ads which is negative to googles revenue. You can search for the APK online as i'm not allowed to post any links for you here.
  16. There is a prompt to turn on USB storage, don't you have that? If not you should probably look into reinstalling the ROM.
  17. Just flash the rom laurisss, dont worry about anything else.
  18. yes, you can use b1 and patch 2, its the same thing. you dont need the latest cwm for this rom as its gb, even the oldest one will work fine.
  19. I was referring to the other scripts, not the sqlite and zipaligning ones, I already covered that.
  20. "Noticed"? It's not like I tried to hide it lol, its replaced with something else - I can't remember what though. And I'm sorry to whoever made it, i'm sure they will forgive me. I don't see any big issue there though so why point it out? Secondly, I didn't use any V6 supercharger or any of those weird ass mod packs so I don't know where you got that from. I made these basic scripts myself and i'm surprised they caused so much issue as they only do things like change the SD read ahead and so on. And one more point you don't seem to understand is overall, the rom works fine so I still don't understand your need to fix things. You may point out my error with respect, but why fix it? It's just a waste of time as everything still performs well anyway.
  21. Most of those things you crossed out don't have anything to do with Init.d rofl, the scrolling spinners are a framework mod which functions fine. Maybe you have eye problems as they are very smooth when they spin. sqlite and zipaligning, you are right about those, but to be honest it seems they don't even matter so frankly idc. Scrolling, Ram, and battery are all part of the framework.jar, however there was an extra tweak for battery in init.d form which obviously hasn't been working then, but then again, the battery is great so idc once again. Now please stop trying to repair things as its cluttering up the thread, if you have a fix for init.d, make a flashable zip that applies that zip along with deleting all the rogue scripts and be done. I'll add it to the OP. I don't see the point of these huge paragraphs of confusion for those who are new to modding. Thanks.

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