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  1. Redownload the zip as it could be corrupt and try again, perhaps use a different recovery if that doesn't help (CWM or TWRP)
  2. Haven't logged onto here for a very long time, just came to say thank you. I appreciate the gesture and I'm glad your phone is working better for you, all the best to you.
  3. These are all limitations of gingerbread, nothing to do with me. Its plain old.
  4. That feature wasn't introduced to android till 4.0. You'll need a task killer app.
  5. Glad you got it sorted,and fyi wipe data/factory reset would have worked yes
  6. Stock settings is best for the most stable battery and performance, but you can tweak things around yourself for better battery or performance, its your choice and nothing will go wrong so just experiment.
  7. No, sorry. If there are any big bugs I will try to fix them but nothing more.
  8. unfortunately no, this is for getting the gradient effect, not transparency.
  9. I already tried many times do do it, could never get it working, however i'm not that experienced.
  10. adaway is no longer on the playstore, blocks ads which is negative to googles revenue. You can search for the APK online as i'm not allowed to post any links for you here.
  11. There is a prompt to turn on USB storage, don't you have that? If not you should probably look into reinstalling the ROM.
  12. yes, you can use b1 and patch 2, its the same thing. you dont need the latest cwm for this rom as its gb, even the oldest one will work fine.
  13. I was referring to the other scripts, not the sqlite and zipaligning ones, I already covered that.
  14. "Noticed"? It's not like I tried to hide it lol, its replaced with something else - I can't remember what though. And I'm sorry to whoever made it, i'm sure they will forgive me. I don't see any big issue there though so why point it out? Secondly, I didn't use any V6 supercharger or any of those weird ass mod packs so I don't know where you got that from. I made these basic scripts myself and i'm surprised they caused so much issue as they only do things like change the SD read ahead and so on. And one more point you don't seem to understand is overall, the rom works fine so I still don't understand your need to fix things. You may point out my error with respect, but why fix it? It's just a waste of time as everything still performs well anyway.
  15. Most of those things you crossed out don't have anything to do with Init.d rofl, the scrolling spinners are a framework mod which functions fine. Maybe you have eye problems as they are very smooth when they spin. sqlite and zipaligning, you are right about those, but to be honest it seems they don't even matter so frankly idc. Scrolling, Ram, and battery are all part of the framework.jar, however there was an extra tweak for battery in init.d form which obviously hasn't been working then, but then again, the battery is great so idc once again. Now please stop trying to repair things as its cluttering up the thread, if you have a fix for init.d, make a flashable zip that applies that zip along with deleting all the rogue scripts and be done. I'll add it to the OP. I don't see the point of these huge paragraphs of confusion for those who are new to modding. Thanks.
  16. Guys, just use the ROM as is. Don't worry about all this nonsense from Pocha. The ROM works completely fine so enjoy.
  17. You are trying to fix nothing, so your work isn't welcome here. I understand the init.d scripts may not function, but overall the rom functions completely fine and it has no performance/feature/stability issues whatsoever so I still don't understand what you are doing. Just stop.
  18. I appreciate you helping out, but you don't need to diss my work man. Just go elsewhere if you're going to act like that.
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