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  1. Ok. This links seam confirm that "google keyboard" is linked to emoji support, i'll try it later. Thanks.
  2. Ok, thanks for answer anyway. Maybe other has glue to fix this. Maybe trying an other "gapps" can fix this. ;)
  3. Hey ! I mean this: (stock keyboard /sms application both) First picture is this rom Second is another phone stock kit kat rom Blade S / Crescent don't have a lot of memory, so if I can do this without installing another keyboard and sms application. I tested with swiftkey application ( I really use it ). Same issue, no build in emoji support on blade S / Crescent.
  4. Hi , Kik kat should have emoji support. but in this rom emoji's panels are empty. Anyone have idea to solve it ? Thanks,
  5. On FNC, «call» *983*0# and search for sensor menu press «calib» button.
  6. For me yes, of course. You're doing an amazing job for this device. I'm just thinking that for new users, flash the best recovery as possible at first time. (this one should be the best ^^) I maintain tutorials for French community. I think is useful to have last version for every things. Anyway, if it's not possible, it's not possible, sorry for request
  7. There a way to do it a TPT like v4.0 / v5.0 ? Tested too, seam to work fine.
  8. @Feahnor: French wiki for this phone: http://wiki.frandroid.com/wiki/Blade_S
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