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  1. Lá porque te dei a mão não quer dizer q me possas arrancar o braço. Atenção pq este braço demorou mto tempo a crescer...

  2. Hi there! Saudações! I'm already running this on my phone. I had to flash stock TPT because i didn’t know what TPT to use, i found out that the system occupies a total of 162Mb, and i could be better since it has a lot of apps that could disappear. Cache is 1,8Mb occupied, so a TPT of 160Mb - 2Mb Cache would be nice, but you have to reduce on something. Other thing i notice is that the contacts (sync from gmail) were not available, at least not all, just a few of them...any thoughts? In general the roms behaves very well, stable and fast, but it took a loooong time to install and to boot the first time lol It's a rough diamond I guess, but it lacks a few good options in messages, like vibration tipe on notification and black wallpaper option... Please remove go backup, and google apps... I guess if the user wants them, he will install it... EDIT: Wireless doesn’t connect sometimes, especially on open security networks. Fonts seems a bit large on some screens. Contacts look fine now, don't know why but when i send a sms, the report tells me "Delivered to +35193XXXXXX" instead the name of the contact. I will report more bugs soon Erm.. you are using stock kernel (i guess), can you use latest burstlam source? Maybe it will correct the problem with the wireless... Hugs!
  3. Já fui uma pessoa paciente, mas depois passou-me...

  4. A simple rom… I’ve always enjoyed simple things. I was looking for a low customized rom and this is perfect. My suggestion for the name is "Simplex", that means Simple in latin. I will install it today on a Portuguese Blade sold by optimus carrier (San Francisco) and i will report my experience Thanks for this :)
  5. Helio Pinto

    Improve 3d performance

    Fake was the file on the link place by that guy... stupid children.. But the one added by KonstaT works :)
  6. Helio Pinto

    Improve 3d performance

    But the best is that dude with 1931 and 600mhz 0_0

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