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  1. I find a bug when try to add a direct call to the Navigation Ring Targets... the settings menu crash. Thanks, the rom is simply great! Edit: Solved, I tried again with a clean install and it works now!
  2. Great and very fast ROM! Any chance of adding the softkey buttons? I tried this app but don't work: https://play.google....e=search_result Thank you
  3. Settings -> Advanced Options -> Unselect Button backlight It's a temporary solution but with virtual buttons, the backlight function is not useful.
  4. I noticed the same problem but I solved it after making a clean cache and dalvik-cache... but I see that the update did not resolve to stay the notification light on when I get a message whatsapp with off-screen preview. Is there any way to fix it? Thank you very much for your great work!
  5. Just install this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fatedevgroup.softkeyenabler&feature=search_result
  6. Now! Perfect, no longer slows down with S2E. Now we can talk about the best ROM for our Blade. Muito obrigado jventura!!!
  7. Show us a screenshot of your graph of consumption for 4 days. I'm anxious to see it ;)
  8. WTF!!! that's because you turn the screen in those three or four days, right?. It is totally impossible with Blade battery!!!!!
  9. The ROM is simply brilliant, congratulations Daemond! It would be perfect if we could adjust the navbar height. :) Thanks!
  10. Sure! SMS is the future! ¬¬ I agree with the importance of voice dictation, but also FM radio, it saves a lot of battery instead of being connected to the data network to be informed of a football match for example.
  11. - Is there any solution to run the voice recognition from the integrated keyboard icon? - And it would be possible to combine the slide unlock with unlock pattern to create shortcuts (such as direct calls) with the mobile locked? We're going to build a monument to you KonstaT ;) Thank you very much for your great work
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