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  1. U can see from your other post that you have an orange san Francisco, therefore it is gen1
  2. I'm not sure but I noticed the md5 was the same as the previous build and not the one I was attempting to download until I copied and pasted the link instead of clicking on it
  3. @targetbsp it was happening to me, its downloading the previous version instead, you have to copy and paste the link into the address bar to download the latest version. Just to let u know I use your cm7 kang :)
  4. Install konstagang and flash the Gen 3 patch for it there both on the first page of this thread
  5. You can make your own if you download tpt helper from Google play
  6. Hi everyone, can someone tell me if the built in usb tethering is working? Much appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone, this is a great rom and it has come a very long way, can anyone tell me if built in usb tethering is working yet. This is the only thing stopping me from using it as a daily rom.
  8. I just used an app from the play store LCD Resolution (allows set on boot).
  9. Changed mine to 190, looks and works great, thanks psychokilla
  10. Hi raverrr, love ur rom but can you please set the colour back to cyan instead of purple, in my opinion cyan better suits the rest of the rom (mainly the boot animation)
  11. Hi rson1234, i had this problem, i had to repeat the steps to unlock it with qpst, but before you do that download a recovery that works with zte crescent, i use this one: RECOVERY. Rename it to update.zip and put it on the root of your sd card along with the rom you want to use. Unlock your phone again with qpst, when your phone boots into recovery install the update.zip, this will keep recovery on your phone and you can access it any time by holding vol down whilst powering on the phone. Then install any rom you wish ( i recommend fish'n'chips ). Hope this has helped.
  12. Oh i see, thanks for the info, i thought it was under settings like in cyanogenmod lol.
  13. Hi everyone, i'm new to this, i've flashed the kernel via cwm recovery successfully ( i think ) but i just cant seem to find where you change the cpu speed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Much appreciated. BTW Using Fish'N'Chips RLS3. 
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