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  1. Hello, in case you have any problems please write to the customer support: [email protected] The problem you describe sounds like you installed a cab file directly on your phone. Always use the PC installer and you will not have any problems... Maik
  2. Hello, sounds like you sit on the operator side... If so just take the IMEI the handset transmits to you. Each IMEI is prefixed by vendor and model (first 6 digits). Maik
  3. Hello, SpriteBackup is not able to backup the smartfilter database properly. So it's not your fault. Maik
  4. Hello, as I say again and again: YOU HAVE TO USE THE PC INSTALLER TO INSTALL SMARTFILTER Every other attempt (reinstall over ActiveSync, loading Backups, copy files directly, ...) WILL NOT WORK. Solution: Use PC Installer and install again ==> WILL WORK. Maik BTW: If you read the error message you get from SmartFilter at startup it says the same...
  5. Hello, as a happy customer of our product (I hope you have bought it) all I have to say (again and again): YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUN THE PC INSTALLER TO INSTALL SMARTFILTER. Then it will work with any (unlocked) MS-SmartPhone on this planet ;-) . Maik
  6. Hello, we would love to come up with the turbo even for E200 and MPx200... but... Texas Instruments (manufacturer of the TI-OMAP processor) is not giving any information to developers unless you buy at least 10000 processors. !This is the only reason why there is no turbo for E200 and MPx200. The processor should be able to run up to 200 MHz. Maik
  7. Hi, SmartFilter works great on this unofficial ROM. You ALWAYS have to run the PC INSTALLER to install SmartFilter. For further questions please use the standard support from the website novomobile.com. Maik
  8. Hello, this is a hardware problem. If your Voyager (E200 / QTEK8080 / Imate2) is to close to a TFT or it is in a Faraday cage the GSM transmitter will give to much power. This may cause a to high feedback to the GSM receiver and some wired things (lock ups) happen to the hardware. If you don't beleive me just make a simple test (will work for ALL Voyagers with ALL ROM versions): Put the phone in aluminium foil (best Faraday cage ever) and call it. It will lockup in 99 of 100 cases. ==> Suggestion: Don't enter buildings, trains and cars with your Voyager and don't use it next to electronic equipment. :wink: Maik P.S. This never happend to me when using 900 band. Don't ask me why...
  9. The signing solution is crap... why don't you fix it the right way? The memory block descriptor for the GAPI video buffer has only system access (ring0) just change it to user mode (ring1). Documentation to do this is available from Intel (StrongArm processor spec). No wrapper, no signing, just a little tool to execute after each reset in autostart. To difficult eh? Since I think you "2 heroes" already know all about that... (like you discovered the privileged access signature provisioning on unlocked phones - see first side of this post) you will not need (and not get) any help from me. Have fun.
  10. Just imagine... it's a simple setting to fix this (Mitac can do it easily)... Maik
  11. Copy is impossible... (since it is in ROM ;-) ) But rename should be possible. Maik
  12. Basically you are right about gx.dll is always the same except one thing... The gx.dll on Smartphone is in ROM ==> IMPLICIT UNLIMITED TRUST (same as privileged signed). Your copy is not signed... Maik P.S. EXACT Check SDK documentation... ;-)
  13. I'm really sure about the GetDC(NULL). This will acquire the main device context and no other application or GDI operation can work then (even offscreen things are not possible... and windows sometimes use it e.g. for updating an invisible clock ;-) ) For priv. access there is a simple trick. You have to put your own certificate to trusted store (this is possible on unlocked devices). Then you have to sign your application with your own certificate. Voila... SetKMode() and stuff working well then :-D Maik
  14. Hi, the idea looks great and it should be possible to get this to work! Here are some findings and bug fixes (which cause this not to work): DC = GetDC(NULL); requires a ReleaseDC... otherwise the complete GDI will lock up until you call GXCloseDisplay() :arrow: add the following line to GXOpenDisplay() and remove it from GXCloseDisplay() GXDLL_API int GXOpenDisplay(HWND hWnd, DWORD dwFlags) { ... Width = GetDeviceCaps(DC,HORZRES); Height = GetDeviceCaps(DC,VERTRES); ReleaseDC( NULL, DC ); //<== ADD THIS LINE ... } GXDLL_API int GXCloseDisplay() { DeleteDC(DC2); DeleteObject(Bitmap); //ReleaseDC(NULL,DC); //<== REMOVE THIS LINE ... } Of course you have to put GetDC() and ReleaseDC () now to each DC operation... GXDLL_API void* GXBeginDraw() { _GXBeginDraw(); if (!FullScreen && ViewHeight > 0) { DC = GetDC(NULL); BitBlt(DC2,0,ViewTop,Width,ViewHeight,DC,0,ViewTop,SRCCOPY); ReleaseDC(NULL,DC); } return Buffer; } GXDLL_API int GXEndDraw() { if (ViewHeight > 0) { DC = GetDC(NULL); BitBlt(DC,0,ViewTop,Width,ViewHeight,DC2,0,ViewTop,SRCCOPY); ReleaseDC(NULL,DC); } return _GXEndDraw(); } Next thing: It's not a good idea NOT to take the original device gx.dll!!!! You better should rename the original and copy yours to Windows. To do this I suggest to write a little tool which will do it on each device startup since Windows folder is not persistent on smartphone. Last but not least: you can detect operations to your memory block (bitmap copy of the screen) by setting up an hardware breakpoint on memory write operations. So you will not need a timer for redraws... Unfortunately you will need priv. access to do this. But unlocked MIO's could use it. Maik
  15. Easy problem, easy solution. Your phone is not locked. Simply use the ORIGINAL PC-Installer of SmartFilter (Setup_SmartFilter...exe) to install it again and all will work fine. Maik
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