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  1. Anyone still has version B007 ? i'd greatly appreciate it edit: nvm I found it.
  2. Is it me, or does anyone else cannot see Emojis on twitter? I was able to see emojis on twitter in previous miui roms
  3. Pics won't download from mms app. It works with gosms or handcent but not the stock mms. Another thing is if a third party SMS is installed, the stock app is silence even though in the settings it says notifications ON and vibrate, but its silenced. Other than that I love it!
  4. Man, thanks for the response, I was about to learn how to do boot animations and I thought about the video size. Well I can live without it :P Thanks again!
  5. i've copied it and still same problem persists, error again
  6. Yea, I seen he got the Ville leak running on his phone. This market issue can wait I guess :)
  7. Is it possible to make a boot animation of your favorite musical artist? Maybe from a short clip? I have the Sensation 4G running the EggyEnergy rom Thanks in advance for any answer there may be.
  8. I came from xda and registered here. Xda never answered any of the questions I ever posted. Good to see a real friendly forum.
  9. Would extracting the Google play (market) apk from the previous build and push it to B007 work?
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