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  1. woahh the best thing in the rom is you dont have to reboot for changing the UI
  2. One of my friend also had this problem I don't know why is the problem when he was using konsta rom he was facing the problem then he flashed the burstlam cm9 now his problem is resolve I dont know how it happened or whether it will work with your device or not but you can try If you want
  3. We have autostart manager apply remove as many as possible . Go to running services and check which are running in background .. and before flashing rom remove useless appear from system so they will not run in background ... I think after couple of days use you will find rom is not lagging ... trust me Miui v4 can't be better than this on blade
  4. Well Miui v4 is not for low end device specially not for blade their minimum ram consumption is 350mb to use then you need good swap partition i have 256mb.. well for me the rom is not at all lagging... but if you still face the problem the problem you can make cm rom look and work exactly like miui.. you can follow my post or download this applications to make your cm like miui Download this app from store Mi home... LBE permission Manager.... google miui music you will find the music app...
  5. I use "go backup" app for my backup ... its free you can download it from play store... well for this Rom you will need to format everything, not only for this Rom for roms like paranoid or pacman you should format everything and dont worry about data with Go backup you can backup everything
  6. This Tom is stable and I'm not facing any problem with it and with latest build I'm getting awesome battery life... their might be two reason you are facing this problem may be you are not installing Tom properly or you are using Chinese blade... Install this Tom only if you have European blade with 512 ram... and before you install do wipe data and factory resate wipe dalvic cache and in mount and unmount format boot and format system ..and then flash the rom
  7. hey how many of you knows about god mode in windows 7.... just creat a new folder on your desktop and rename the folder to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and see the magic this folder will have all the possible setting for you computer..

  8. well actually it download album art thats why i said .. and moving to system can be done but i use Bluetooth headset when i press play phone plays music from cm7 music player.. well i just had suggestion if you guys think cm7 music is better than Apolo then no issue. :)
  9. zeelog please add Apolo music player in your next update... its better than cm7 music player
  10. right bro i'm looking at forum everyday just to check if the bugs are fixed, their is another bug that i can't set ringtone... theme just foreclose after i select the ringtone
  11. well this is fastest miuiv4 rom but as normally miui v4 consume 300mb ram they are bit laggy so this is problem miui not with rom
  12. Well its good rom but without any back ground application and with theme my phone is consuming 420 mb ram is their any way i can control ram usage. already running with swap for 256mb.
  13. Tried with indian no Telephone SPAM din't work for me I'm using AOKP JB I'm Using Go Contact To Check My CallLog
  14. May god bless Damini's soul :(

  15. no success for me till now theirs another bug if you are searching contacts you can't dial or view them.
  16. Yeah ROM is bit laggy as its WIP but still it has everything that I wanted .. few issues with to ogle. And Aokp weather and it ROM control doest have all options.
  17. Normally this ROM is consuming more than 300mb RAM. Miui v4 ROMs are best but they lag even in European blade. So I don't think this is good option for you
  18. Never Put Your Expectation Dude, Developers ARe Not Obligated To Fulfill Our Expectations
  19. This is how badword took birth Not Vulgarity but Knowledge- In Ancient England, people could not have Sex without kings permission, so to have a Baby they were supposed to get king's consent. They were then given a Card to hang on their door while having sex, which read as- FØRÑICÅTIØÑ UÑDÉR the CØÑ$ÉÑT øf KIÑG (F.U.C.K). So the word "badword" came into existence....!! Spread this badword knowledge :P

  20. well in setting/About Phone its showing miui 2.11.2 , but i think you are right it's way to different than 2.11.2, might be theirs problem with prop. is it possible to add gapps in rom. Rom is really fast and doesn't consume much ram, but i can't use it without Gapps
  21. The most common smell for Non smokers in Mumbai is a smell of cigarette

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