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  1. Its not miui v4 2.12.7 it's miui v4 2.11.2 Rom is fast but doesn't include Gapps
  2. well if you want to try JB rom you can visit this site http://www.romzj.com/resources/index.php?option=com_mobile&view=roms&cid=54&Itemid=40&orderby=popular&ui_type=&system_release= its for ZTE V880i which is same phone with 256 ram. ( idea blade in india ) don't use 256 ram phone so i dont have any idea how this roms works. and ive tried very few of them but not cm10 as we have them in modaco, use translate for the website and try at your own risk.......
  3. Use apex launcher and select hide status bar by this you can hide status bar, Or use miui rom for transeperent notification bar where you can see notification but it's transparent
  4. I use TouchPal keybord it's almost as fast as cm7. And I never had problem with Ram in aokp cm9 rom.
  5. "opposite of love is not hate it's just don't care"

  6. well it's not just aokp rom, it has more features than aokp rom control.. but thanks anyway our blade Dev. have already made our blade awesom. so I'm happy with that. :)
  7. You can use aokp cm9 bustlam. Or konsta cm9 rom they have lesser consumption of ram compare to cm10. And they are stable.. with cm9 I aokp I had install approximately 400mb apps in my phone and still it was working fine with me.. whereas in cm10 it lags
  8. Just install app. Give su permission ... select install location as ext2 or ext4. and reboot.. you don't need any script... ( clockwork recovery crate ext4 by default and ra recovery crate ext2..)
  9. Ever wonder why always in relationships good people falls for bad one... because even god wants you tell you that their is nothing called as love... so stop screwing your life for it....

  10. As a mumbaikar we have known Balasaheb Thackery for 1) Being A one man army 2) For his fearless attitude 3) For his passion of Mumbai 4) For his marathi manus ideology 5) His grand diwali & dusshera rallies 6) For him defending mumbai like a lion 7) For his cut throat cartoons n speech 8) For his killer instinct as a warrior 9) For his fatherly care of mumbaikars 10) Lastly for his grandeur and aura Requesting a min of your life to pray for such a legendary leader, a shrewd politician and an...

  11. GB ROM is faster I agree even if I don't think about ui there are lot of thigs which makes cm9 or cm 10 my fav. Like we have paranoid ROM Miui v4 ROM and aokp ROM which can be ported only on android 4.+ . Whereas in GB ROM options are limited..
  12. Hey guys I have partision of 1 GB with swap size of 128mb.. I use lot of apps if I'm using cm ROM... I had one question since this ROM support z ram comapche how much value shall I put for best performance.. extending my swap size is no bar for me. Once I had put 50 % but did not find any difference..
  13. What's your partition size if its good enough for handling complete Gapps then go to goo inside me and Download entire 88mb gapps package I don't need Picassa. So I did not use it try it at your own risk. And if you want to go back you will have to reflash gapps
  14. try this for picasa goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-picasa-20121011-signed.zip
  15. This is miui bug it happened with me on other miui ROMs that in mix section you select for one part and entire theme gets downloaded
  16. I use European blade but still miui is bit laggy in my phone I'm also trying to find miui v4 with less consumption of memory.. wish someone had ported it on minimal ICS
  17. I agree with you that miui is much better than cm7 . Infact I'm a big fan of miui ... I just said FYI. Moreover cm 7.2 has z ram so I thought this may help you :)
  18. Miui GB is very old and it doest support most of the themes if you just want to try miui v4 lag free install cm 7.2 and install miui launcher from market you can use all possible themes wallpaper and lockscreen from miui server or download them manually... I don't think miui GB has many features that you can't get on cm
  19. This app support miui v4 themes and now my paranoid ROM is looking exactly like miui
  20. Great now official miui launcher is available in play store..... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.miui.mihome2
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