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  1. And here it is sanak latest build for Miui JB MIUI_JB_2.10.12, and its one of the best miui rom because you really dont have any english trouble at all...
  2. check the jb miui v4 rom its in russian and works great the only thing you have to do is its smooth just change the cpu governer to ondemand and disable icon shadow from launcher setting is one of the best miui rom ive seen http://narod.ru/disk...2.9.21.zip.html the best part of this rom is can select english and doesnt have any chiness or other language app.. so easy to understand.
  3. im using sanek1804 4.1 build on my phone man you have one of the best jb rom but downloading it from Russian site is bit pain as translate is really funny sometimes, can you post it here we will love to have your build here..
  4. im using sanek1804 4.1 build on my phone man you have one of the best jb rom but downloading it from Russian site is bit pain as translate is really funny sometimes, can you post it here we will love to have your build here..
  5. childness inside me helps me a lot for learning things

  6. yeah if we dont have chiness trouble then this guys really have nice roms, hey ive noticed one app by which you can change permission for app it comes after we install any application and same thing ive seen in some miui rom can we download that app in english,
  7. its awful when people calls you after long time and for what selling their chain marketing policy, I dont like losing friends so i never mix business with friends

  8. @shubham in system settings you should find navigation keys you can disable them from their
  9. in system settings you have options for disabling sofkeys select navigation bar their you will find it
  10. Yup yesterday I tried busrtlam ROM and by anyway if site ask you to sign up try doing it at one momentt they ask you to enter you're phone no enter any no they don't verify that I registered myself on one of the site
  11. check this one they have more than 138 rom for zte blade and dont get confuse between brush google transalate rom flashing to rom brushing and zte blade known as zte v880 in china http://www.shendu.co...394-page-1.html this website is really nice
  12. check this http://www.shendu.com/android/tutorial-1818.html
  13. Hey guys ive noticed that their are lots of roms posted in chinese website and this people damm good with rom for our blade, but unfortunately they post their roms only in chinese website and because its wrriten in chinese we cant find them with google or by searching them in english, so I have started using transalate to convert my search in chiness and found couple of sites with some new roms but still its hard when you are using translate and search so if you guys know about any forum like this can you please start posting them in English.
  14. oh my bad dint notice that in konsta's rom, moreover dint like paranoid as their seems to be problem with Bluetooth headphone, and it has cm7 music player though...
  15. it feels good when someone is feeling bad to loose you..

  16. Its amazing whenever I'm wrong people take me seriously, and it doesn't happen when im really serious.

  17. i like paranoid 2.1 jb rom, konsta jb doesnt support s2e but in paranoid 2.1 rom it is supporting moreover rom is bit unstable like jb rom, if you are not tester wait for few more days burtlam builds are seems to be good the only thing that mic wasnt working thats why he did not realse them, wait for aokp cm 10, im going back ics, had lot of issues with jb roms, i think aokp cm 9 is as smooth as any jb rom avaible by now..
  18. ive followed the installation steps but not able to switch to hybrid mod, not even getting soft keys, i was using kongta jb rom before this and s2e wasn't supported, thanks to dev now its supporting hats up to you man.
  19. Watching cartoon movies.....

  20. this rom is best for zte blade im using it from its initial release , im desperately waiting for your cm10 rom, i know its their but please please post the rom topic in modaco, i cant understand Chinese one you are posting in Chinese website we cant understand changlog even with google translate . but moreover you are appreciated for this rom
  21. I just noticed its raining , hell ya played some nice songs so i can go back to old memories and rain stopped..

  22. Try AOKP rom, its smoother and Ive been using it since last 7 days and have'nt found any problem.... moreover you have more customization than cm9...
  23. Wohha The language is japanees and I can't find the way to change the language........
  24. check this software if it works on your phone http://download.wondershare.com/mobilego_full818.exe
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