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  1. After going through lots of searches and forum I've finally found Roms for Karbonn A30 aka Intex Aqua Style aka Cherry mobile titan tv aka Vsun i1 aka cross a27...

    This phone has different names in diffrent countries. This phone has 5.9" screen MT6577 1 gh duel core proccesor and 8mp camera. In India this phone comes with 512MB Ram and sold by the Name of Karbonn A30 or INTEX AQUA STYLE.. Whereas in phillipin its known as Cherry Mobile Titan Tv and V sun i1 in china and Cross A27 in Indonasia and it comes with 1GB Ram but its same phone..

    So for rooting and and for installing clockwork recovery you can just search for Karbonn A30 Rooting and Installing recovery you will find youtube video. Now finding roms is bit hassel because we have no forum for our device, we have amazing developers in phillipin but rather than using forum they find facebook group more confortable.. well so I'm going to mention group link below you need to login to your fb account and then request to join that group.


    Now in this group we have almost all possible roms for our phone including

    Scavenger rom 3.5 (android 4.2.2) with galaxy S4 ui

    Xpired rom (android 4.1.2) with Xperia Z ui

    Stock rom with android 4.2.2

    MIUI V5 with android 4.1.1

    Lewa os with android 4.1

    And other jellybean and Ics roms..

    So plz have look and the reason I've posted this post is because I know the kind of hassel I had while finding roms for our phone so if you think I've helped you or you want help others plz comment. This is the only way to keep this post alive..

    And yes the boring statement " I'm not developer for any rom I've mention above and I won't be held responsible for any damage ...... and bla bla bla including getting fired from your job because of your alarm dint rang and other bla.. bla... bla.."

  2. hey guys can someone help me to get phone brightness as low as zero.... at my workplace we are not allowed to switch our phone on.... but as i use miui rom i set phone brightness to zero, and i keep it switch on as even if audit happens they wont get to know that its turn on because of zero brightness.. same way whenever i have to use phone i know how to unlock phone and use status bar to increase brightness.......

    this thing doent happen with cyanogen mod rom... can someone help me get this on these roms....

  3. by the power of our developers we have all possible rom's for our blade, from cm7 to cm10.1 and from from paranoid to pac to aokp and miuiv4.. and lots of others.... its just we don't have any miui gb.... we have rom in shobits post which is indeed fast but has lots of setting in chiness.. we have rom from romu... but it has problem with app foreclosure... not all apps works with it and some other bugs.. It will be really great if someone can port miui gb stable for our blade, cause unlike miuiv4 it doesn't have memory issue.. it works flawless... neither it has problem with battery life... moreover we can have access to hundreds of themes and lot of customization... and best music player with many lots of settings and mods....

  4. I am currently working on ios themed cm10.1 (android 4.2.2) for zte blade.

    i will upload it soon , but i wanted to know is it necessary for it to have ios lockscreen.

    everything else is themed just the lockscreen is left as i thought the android lockscreen is quite useful with multiple screen and widgets.

    and if possible should i make an option with which users can choose whether to choose android or ios lockscreen .

    The rom is almost complete and i'll probably upload it soon, so stay tuned :-)

    Android lockscreen is better than ios ... We can't have widgets on ios lock

  5. Hey guys, my ZTE blade has been sitting in a drawer for a while and i turned it on today and it was stuck at boot (must have screwed something up before i stored it) so i tried eco cm9 and cm10 with gapps and the home button does not work, i have tried clearing data and formating system and all that but no luck...the home button works in Clockwork recovery so i dont know whats going on. Any ideas? I have tried searching for it but can not find the answer.

    EDIT1: just tried cm7 without gapps and it works, but i want cm9/10

    EDIT2: ....ok just tried eco cm9 without installing gapps after and the home button works....what am i doing wrong? i install the cm9 zip then install the minimal gapps from the eco cm9 thread? thats what im doing

    EDIT3: with cm9 installed i rebooted back into clockworks and installed gapps and the home button is not working again!, what am i doing wrong?!

    did some more reading and im 100% sure it has something to do with gapps, but im not sure what..

    One of my friend also had this problem I don't know why is the problem when he was using konsta rom he was facing the problem then he flashed the burstlam cm9 now his problem is resolve I dont know how it happened or whether it will work with your device or not but you can try If you want

  6. okay... and how do you survive the extremely slow and laggy lockscreen and call screen in this ROM?? some setting to optimize it?

    Well Miui v4 is not for low end device specially not for blade their minimum ram consumption is 350mb to use then you need good swap partition i have 256mb.. well for me the rom is not at all lagging... but if you still face the problem the problem you can make cm rom look and work exactly like miui.. you can follow my post or download this applications to make your cm like miui

    Download this app from store

    Mi home... LBE permission Manager.... google miui music you will find the music app...

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