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  1. Hello I've downloaded from the internet Pet Rescue Saga for android but when I open it in my Zte Skate CM7 it FCs. Is there any version that can work with ARMv6 devices?
  2. Me neither. I've not even rooted it. I was thinking abouth Franco Kernel. But I don't really know which one is the best...
  3. Hello. I've installed stock 4.3 in my Galaxy Nexus. When I open Flipboard or Chrome, when I close it, the Launcher (stock) gets resetted. I can only see the icon which opens the apps drawer and a few seconds later, I get my shortcuts and widgets. Does it happen to you? I have reinstalled using Galaxy Nexus Toolkit 4.3 but it happened again. I updated to 4.3 released on August but it just kept happening. S.O.S!
  4. Hello I have SlimBean and I have a little issue with the GPS. It works very good but the problem is that sometimes I get a notification saying "Searching for GPS" and I can't do anything to make it disspear. I've tried to diactivate the GPS but it keeps there (of course if I do that, it won't appear anymore). It happened once and I turned off GPS and reboot. Now I have used the GPS for Latitude and it worked flawlesly. This notification appeared at the beggining but then it disappeared. When I decided I would stop using the GPS I realised the notification had appeared again, and I turned off GPS and then on again so that it could locate myself but it just seems not to work properly. Is this something related to the GPS on our Skate or related with the ROM? What can I do to make it disappear without rebooting?
  5. Yes, WiiSky70 is right... Sometimes, it just freezes and I have to wait to make it work. Anyway, I think it is working good and I don't find it laggy. The only problem I can found is: When I get two emails or more (doesn't mind Gmail or Email) it doesn't show a normal notification icon, instead, it shows a black square... Is there any way to install DSPManager on this ROM? I've tried some zips but I got a loop on SlimBean Logo...
  6. I have installed this ROM and I am wondering if I could set RootBox's battery icon with centered percentage (see the picture) in this ROM. Thanks PS: Spanish ROM translation isn't really good... When downloading from Play Store "minutes" doesn't get translated, and some options on quick setting don't either. When I get two emails or more (doesn't mind Gmail or Email) it doesn't show a normal notification icon, instead, it shows a black square... Google Play did not auto-restore my apps, how can I "force" it?
  7. well I will back-up all my apps with Titanium just in case and try
  8. I have my aapps linked with Link2SD wlll they get lost if I reinstall my ROM?
  9. I did it and it didnt work. What should I wipe?
  10. Hi. I have RootBox in my Skate and since I unistalled Andrenaline Engine CM4.4 I cannot use the touchscreen as usual. Now it works as a computer mouse... Help
  11. I would do it but I can't because GALLERY just forces closes. Look at the end of this log cat. Log cat: http://pastebin.com/juMWhzdP And it says my SD is full and it is not... Anyway here is another log cat about gallery forcing closes Log cat: http://pastebin.com/4r10Kxgt
  12. Hi C3C0 I found another bug. When in camera app I take a photo and it just keeps taking photos until it closes itself. I have disabled multiple photos and it just keeps happening. Here is the logcat: http://pastebin.com/GZpLaUVd
  13. Thanks I'll try it. Will you keep updating RootBox even though you started with SlimBean?
  14. I tried to install int2ext+ with previous version and it ended in a boot loop in Root Box logo... And it was a fresh/clean install
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