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  1. Hm, I'll try to format the sd card then, the phone was reading full memory with all apps properly linked to SD.Tthere were like 5 apps ... Just getting back to tpt instructions, which one is 150... god I'm getting too old for this stuff :D Thanks
  2. I have been off from skate for a while, since I gave it to my brother, and he was using an early biuld of 4.1, not very stable, so I decided to install this rom, it is great I just have one question, It says it fits on 150 mb system so I can repartition it to 150 and no fear that it will miss some storage... Also what do you use for moving apps to SD, I remember using link2sd but I don't think it is compatible any more, right ? Sorry for these noobish questions but I have been of flashing Skate for a quite some time due to not having it, thanks...
  3. Yeah I forgot where it was, now it works, thanks... Yeah I did that and now it works, thing is I lost all of my data... Mine was stable at 960+ for a 3 months, even did the Antutu benchmark once at near 1000 and it passed. Now it's not though :D Anyway hvala na savjetu!
  4. My last version was from some time from november (first with HQ video fix) and all was very good until yesterday when I had to do a clean install (My SD card died!) so of course I did it with the latest version, now i have 2 questions Where can I find those prox sensor fixes, there were 4 of those and one worked for me, which one, I don't know. Second qustion is more rom unrelated, are you experiencing random reboots? It seems like my processor is damaged, it is set to 787 but sometimes (once in 7 days it just reboots)
  5. I've been away for a very long time and now I see that some interesting things happened HQ Video, OH YEAH great job!
  6. Is it parked there all the time? (I might need that front bumper :D )
  7. I found some version on the internet, I have no idea where, but it's unplayable. You can play it @1 frame per second :D
  8. Without C3C0 Skate forum would be dead ... Btw I think I don't need JB PA, this one does the job...
  9. Anyone using pattern lockscreen ? I can't see the bottom row, even with expanded desktop I still can't see half of it...
  10. Clock and weather gets stuck sometimes in their own time zone :D UCCW and FW worked really good for me on all GB roms, must be ICS related then...
  11. Anyone using gmail widget? Mine seems to have of its own when it comes to updating ans syncing. Anyone with advice? Also fancy widgets, same story. I used to use Advanced task killer and FW was excluded but widget kept freezing. I rebooted the phone and same story without using any king of task killer...
  12. You're right, rendering while rotated is unacceptable... what now? Let's write our own launcher :D
  13. About launchers: I've used Trebuchet, Nova and Apex and here's my review. Trebuchet is a very good launcher, but Nova and Apex, both have a few extra settings. Basicly all of them are very similar, but user experience is a lot different. In my oppinion Trebuchet is the most fluid one but it has a flaw. App drawer oppening speed! :huh: While speed is normal, time that takes scrolling to be effective sometimes is way to long. Sometimes it takes more than 5 secs. I dont use app drawer that much but it is just too anoying when I need it. Then I started using Nova, and it also had a flaw. App drawer rendering while using card stack effect. (Yes that is the only one I like and I want to use) While using app drawer in horizontal mode it was smooth, but I got enough of that on LP :D, surprisingly rendering while scrolling through widgets was near perfect. Then I started using Apex (The one I previously liked the least, dunno why). And for me it suits my needs, app drawer opening speed is instand and it is usable in no time. Rendering through widgets is not that good but I don't use it, and it has a lot of options similar to Nova. So my recommendation is Apex If you are havig a doubt I hope I helped :D Also loving multiling keyboard thanks to C3C0.
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