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  1. Thanks for explain how to end the call. Running android with low performance also kills the battery quickly, it happens why we are running two OS at same time, or in the case, an app with a high appetite for battery
  2. The market works well for me, to download and update apps. The major bug of this rom for me is the problem to end a call, any way to do it? Another bad point at this rom (running from sd) is that heats up too much the phone and the battery ends very fast compared to b7300 native rom For now, i recommend the beta android version just for who wanna kill the curiosity and to play some games (original b7300 games sucks). But a nand version for the b7300 really would be nice, unfortunatelly it seens the creator ended the projects of porting android to b7300, so it'll take some time to happen...
  3. I get this same problem when i was trying to install with the phone connected directly to the pc, what i did to solve this was disconnect the phone and plug only the sd card to the computer
  4. Hi, i'm having trouble installing the android 2.2 ghost. I receive the following message: Internal Error 36000 An internal inconsistency has been detected If this problem persists, contact Symantec Technical Support at http://www.symantec.com/techsupp/ Anyone knows how to solve it? Thx I solved it :D The problem was that my sd adapter was blocked, i just turned the block off and formated again.
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