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  1. coastersteve

    Hero update now pushed to June?

    What a crazy statement! I've been running Modaco 3.1 & 3.2 and now Defiance 2.1, why wouldn't I know know how to put a custom rom on my phone?
  2. coastersteve

    Hero update now pushed to June?

    I downloaded 5.4 last night - terrible, wouldn't even run properly (Even with Wipes) :-( I'll carry on using Defiance 2.1
  3. I'm getting the same. How did you reinstall it? (I'm very very new to all this so noddy steps please!) Thanks in advance. Steve
  4. coastersteve

    Live Tracking with GPS

    Have a look at www.locatea.net - free and works with the M700
  5. coastersteve

    SPV M700 appears on Orange UK website

    Does anyone know where I can find a step by step (read beginners) guide to enable the GPS side of the trinity? I should be getting mine at some point tomorrow :)
  6. Works perfectly here with the UK update, went very wrong with the with the DK one.
  8. coastersteve

    Download the update HERE!

    If thats the case, my phone is awaiting an accident :)
  9. Your guess is as good as mine :roll:
  10. Snap, but they're saying there's a patch out tomorrow that'll fix it!
  11. coastersteve

    Download the update HERE!

    Paul, or anyone else! Can you get this confirmed? Cheers. Steve
  12. coastersteve

    I have the update!

    If it won't go over the DK update could someone supply an image of the Uk rom so we can whack it on an SD card :oops: Steve
  13. coastersteve

    Bugs after installing DK-SPV update

    This is starting to cause me real problems :roll: If the txt arrives I have to remove the battery to get the phone to function - after the reboot the txt has gone :evil: any idea how to get them back?
  14. Me too - just downloading 601K of Full hand casino ;) AMAZED!
  15. coastersteve

    BUG sms bug with new DK update

    I had exactly the same :roll: I think the key is to just put the phone down for a few seconds, grit your teeth and wait. I've changed my layout to Default, I wonder if that'll help the problem?

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