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  1. Oh sorry. i misread your post, I thought you meant Snapchat lenses. Yeah, that is an issue with the camera software, the Alcatel Idol 3 had a similar issue, but they patched it up. http://www.androidcentral.com/alcatel-pushes-update-55-inch-idol-3-performance-fixes-and-more Does enabling 2D acceleration in dev options help at all? I had a few crashes on my prime until that was enabled in Snapchat.
  2. I own the Smart Prime 6, and using the Xposed Framework you can enable Snapchat filters. There's guides on the internet for it.
  3. Can't get fastboot working on this thing, into the bootloader using volume + power but cannot get any drivers to work. USB\VID_1BBB&PID_D00D&REV_0100
  4. Hi all, Back from a long hiatus from these forums, but I prefer here to a certain other development forum. Basically, I'm looking to build a custom recovery for this device. I extracted the recovery.img today, but I don't really know what I'm doing with this stuff. I tried the CWM builder but it failed. If I could get some help with this, it would be appreciated. What I know is: I'll need a custom recovery.fstab, because the partitions are mounted as mmcblk0xx etc etc. I'll need to set a flag which tells CWM there's no select button on this device (so that it uses power as select) I don't know about the bootloader on this phone right now, but i am investigating. Thanks
  5. Tesco Dover, Ramsgate and Canterbury all still stock the G300. Sainsbury's stock it also.
  6. Daz, is there any chance of including the Sony Mobile Bravia Engine in this ROM? Hyperrunner included it in his ROM for the Nexus 7 over at XDA. Here's a link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1796668
  7. BUT I HAZ MA 6 CORES @ 4GHZ: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2363374 BUT I HAZ BEEN TELLING PEOPLE THE RULZ OF CYAGONEN MODE BUT I HAZ BIGEST E-PEEN All joking aside, +1 to this.
  8. Jelly Bean will be ready soon for the G300, so I'd grab that. Only if you don't mind flashing it and potentially voiding your warranty. :)
  9. More than 80 users wanted CM10 yesterday. Ha. Also, number 1 and only rule of CyanogenMod. Don't ask for ETAs. Why do people forget this?
  10. I was so worried I was going to make myself look stupid then. Also, I totally won that duel.
  11. Isn't that the feature when you touch the screen, JellyBean speeds up the CPU to reduce lag between touches, and tries to predict where your finger will go next?
  12. Its past midnight, its over, Jelly Bean is finished, G300s are now pretty paperweights, all heil Huawei!
  13. I believe Daz uses a dual boot Win 8/Ubuntu, but he'll need to confirm that. He has a Intel i7 2600K I believe.
  14. It doesn't actually take that long, it was an exaggeration. I tried installiong Gentoo on a spare hard drive. Its hard and takes a long time, having to do everything manually and from source. Crazy stuff. ANYWAY, Gentoo, while being Linux like Android, is off topic. Just gotta wait for this midnight release and for Daz's github to crash. :3
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