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  1. Hi, in your opinion what is the best 4.2.2 rom. I want an smooth rom and stable - Electra v3 -AOKP -Dazzozo CM10.1 -PAC r3
  2. Wifi tethering is working now? Awesome work!
  3. Where can I download the smoothmod?
  4. It doesn't look good like on cm9 or cm10
  5. How I can disable the CRT off animation? Its very ugly and unstable
  6. guillermob

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    Joestone Good Luck on your new project
  7. Awesome But I want rom control :(( Maybe in the next release Amazing work
  8. Daz amazing work but i have one question Will you make an AOKP rom?
  9. dead trigger has bad textures with the galaxy s3 b944 rom?
  10. I´m testing the unnoficial rom and It´s AWESOME works really good, games runs smooth and the camera take pictures with a good quality and records video with Videocam ilussion(640x480)
  11. Can anyone make a flasheable zip for jelly bean transtion for infusion rom?

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