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  1. Does the GPS work with this rom, or do I need some fix? Because after 30 mins under clear sky i got only 1 satellite.
  2. Seems to work with my Skate on CFX2. Good job, thank you. Seems easier for me than to install titanium backup and s....
  3. This worked, although you should stick it into the first post i believe, since many people soon won't find it and i was almost already reinstalling another rom because of this. Otherwise it looks really really smooth (I already thought this about CFX2 and this is much faster) and is greatly balanced between phone and tablet versions - very good job with setting all those PPIs. I also like the bigger keyboard, a feature I wanted for so long :) Thank you very much for this awesome rom :)
  4. Looks nice, so you basically walk around to complete missions? Interesting :) Would definitely want to try it if you get some spare invites :)
  5. How did you do that? I mean the app moving. Ive found Apps2ROM by googling, it just doesn't seem trustworthy to me.
  6. Battery styles work ok for me on 10/11 stable. One bug I found, and is present on all of CFX2 roms: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oi7d2ouc9ax8951/2012-11-11%2014.08.18.png When setting custom advanced automatic brightness levels, it works all right, until I try to add another one level - it just ignores it, as it wasn't even there.
  7. With clean install of 09/11 and S4 kernel from ceco, it works all right for me. Proof: https://www.dropbox....11 12.55.07.png https://www.dropbox....11 12.55.17.png https://www.dropbox....11 12.54.54.png Also, I was experiencing glitches only when I firstly started the clean rom - without gapps, then, I didnt get any. And I dont use force gpu.
  8. Works all right for me on 09/11, did you update, or made a full clean install? Because when I was updating, something sometimes bugged.
  9. Thank you very much tilal! Its simply awesome. The 9/11 build is silky smooth and very stable. After one day of really heavy overclocked usage, I didn't get a single reboot. Getting camera with panorama working is awesome, really looking forward to that. Your next release should be marked as stable for everyday use, as it seems so. You are doing a really great job. Thank you.
  10. I think it should work with Camera ICS, but I can't try since I can't flash my phone right now. So later this night I will supply tilal with some feedback.
  11. Looks promising. Looking forward to a new OS.
  12. any rom that is labeled as 2.3, or GB - for example I was satisfied with CM7. heres the link
  13. woohoo, download at 30kbps, stopped at 97% after 1.5 hours and cant continue.
  14. so my log is here. I've applied Black Exodus theme, probably just after applying, 'system' gave a fc, as well as theme chooser. Then, when opening settings there was a reboot. Hope it helps. http://pastebin.com/e0gwSWCK
  15. Just reporting in, the 07/11 seems to be the least stable build so far - reboots happen very often, most apps do fc often too. On the other side, it seems to be the smoothest so far. The camera still doesnt work and with camera ics, i can record a video (after one fc lol), which is really laggy tho. Will be back with a logcat if you still need/want them.
  16. all nighties were giving me "soft reboots" or "hot-reboots" - when I try to do something, usually after using the phone for a while, it hangs for a split second, then there is black screen and then comes the boot animation (so no green android logo). It also boots up faster than standard reboot, and Ive noticed that the SD card does not prepare as with normal reboot. How can i get you some logs? I would like to help you in this development as much as i can.
  17. also, AC!D audio mod v4 stopped working from build 05/11, last usable one seems to be 03/11, which is a pity, since its a must-have for me until i get an mp3 player
  18. I mean, when I installed it on JB, the shortcut didnt even exist. for me working alright was taking pictures and capturing video on ics. some say also panorama works, although it was giving fc to me.
  19. v1 didnt seem to be louder, v4 really seems louder for me - also the dolby works only sometimes and strangely... v4 still didnt work for me on cecos pa - ics
  20. works nicely on cecos pa ics, but doesnt seem to work on tilals CFX2.
  21. Will this actually work with CFX2? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=33383098 Also, the 05/11 build seems smoother than others, reboots dont happen as often, the camera is not working - download Camera ICS. Trebuchet still closes when opening app drawer (just a little thing came to my mind - couldnt it be because of those 'tips' you get the first time you open appdrawer? because it always hangs when it pops up (or tries to)), so install any other launcher - Atom or Nova... And a question for lalit: didn't you say you will stick with cecos s4 kernel for this rom? because at least all the governors arent there, so it seems like there is still your/CM10 kernel...? or maybe i got something wrong haha
  22. On Cyanogen roms, you can disable button light if you customize automatic brightness, so you just disable it for every setting
  23. Yeah, thank you, but they dont seem to be as smooth as trebuchet... So Ill stick to Espier, which I really like. As for the 22/10 nightly build, It seems quite stable, but I got one restart (like hotboot restart - straight to the boot animation), when I started settings, and play store FCes regulary... EDIT: I'm using c3co's latest S4 kernel and new gapps from razz, could that be the problem with fc.
  24. But i really like the trebuchet! *whine* Whatever, still very good rom, however will have to stick with my 2nd favorite launcher, Espier.
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