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  1. i hope the background of the sms.apk and phone.apk has the same style of the theme!!
  2. you and your work are both great! i wonder where is the theme you show before? i want the red one!!!!
  3. ICS THEMES / WALLPAPERS FOR ATOMICMOD where are they? i want it !!! thank you
  4. i like the rad one , i hope it come as soon as pssible
  5. I almost can't wait to see the next version of atomics!!!i wish the mms and phone has a ics style!
  6. hi,i want to download Galaxy Blue Theme, but i auto finish when it's size is 192k, it's not right surely, i like the theme very much, can you help? and my email is [email protected]
  7. thank you for your work!!!i like it very much!!but it can't loop the menu
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