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  1. i hope the background of the sms.apk and phone.apk has the same style of the theme!!
  2. you and your work are both great! i wonder where is the theme you show before? i want the red one!!!!
  3. ICS THEMES / WALLPAPERS FOR ATOMICMOD where are they? i want it !!! thank you
  4. i like the rad one , i hope it come as soon as pssible
  5. I almost can't wait to see the next version of atomics!!!i wish the mms and phone has a ics style!
  6. hi,i want to download Galaxy Blue Theme, but i auto finish when it's size is 192k, it's not right surely, i like the theme very much, can you help? and my email is [email protected]
  7. thank you for your work!!!i like it very much!!but it can't loop the menu
  8. The ROM is very amazing!! I like very much!,but it seems that the sound of low power can't turn off.(R13)
  9. Hi! I'm your fan,I think yours ROM is amazing!! Here I want to report some small bugs: 1.It seems that "MIUI Galley" is not run smoothty, and I can't use Muti-touch to zoom the pictures. 2.When I connect my device to the computer, my cellphone just reboot and can not connect to my PC. 3.Camera is not word very well,when it autofocusing, it's not smoothly. Thanks for your listening!! And I will wait the releases in hope!!
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