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  1. It is definately happening mate. And other projects . And possibly this week we already have a working build. Just needs a few fixes. Will open a thread on xda general soon. Anyway don't want to take trips thread off topic.
  2. It makes no difference to me mate what so ever. I asked if you share your source as always you say no so I don't care. The reason why everyone knows its you is because you never ever let people share your work with xda, and because cm9 will be available on xda this week, you wanted to get on there before we did lol I'm not important, I don't want to be I just want to give you feedback on what every one has shared with me and what everyone thinks of you. I cant understand why you you act the selfish way you do and neither can they! All I did was ask for help and you are just a cock about it. Never mind, when its on xda maybe you have no users left because of how you are. I even said to eggyenergy that I was willing to put a donation thread together and contribute myself to get you a one x but was told not to by someone. That's the difference between me and you trip, I'm willing to help other and you ain't . Well thanks anyway mate. Catch you later
  3. I find it funny that the only 'friend' you share your source with gets banned from a site which you never let anyone publish your work on. Whenever anyone asks to use your work you always agree that as long as its not on xda. So why allow your 'friend' to do it??? It all looks too obvious and now because your 'friend' is banned, your back to being selfish with tour sources. Its stupid. Trip so many people would think more highly of you if you allowed them to work with you . I don't know why you have to act the way you do bro. Let's be honest we all know that revo was you! The first open sourced cm9 rom will be released for one x hopefully this week on xda and you seen that and I think thats why your idea to get your "friend to release a cm on xda so people don't forget about you. Lol . I personally think you'd have more friends if you worked with more people, your an excellent dev but you act so childish with your sources, its pathetic and I am only saying what every person that uses your rom is thinking they just haven't got the balls. To say it
  4. Trip. Will you mind sharing the same device trees etc with me? He wasn't banned because he used your work he was banned because they are sure it was you. Whenever I ask you previously the only grounds in which I can use your work is if I don't post it on xda, so I don't understand why you allow your friend? Would be greatful if you allowed me access to your git mate?
  5. Mate thought you should know some one over xda posting direct links for your download in the cm9 thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1625123 I know you don't like your work being there
  6. CALL FOR SUPPORT Minor Bug List 03.05.2012 - eXoDiZeD 3.0JD NEW 303 MB ***YOU NEED TO FLASH BOOT.IMG WITHIN THE ROM DUE TO NEW BASE*** Do this by placing the boot.img inside the rom to where you fastboot is and then fastboot flash boot boot.img FULL WIPE NEEDED 27/4/2012 - 2.5.4 280MB Please Note If you have no data, just remove APN and re add - this will work. Its because the settings.apk is not for this phone -Added ICS themed Aroma Installer - Your Rom, Your Choice! - Thanks leventccc -Apps are now stock ICS (no theme) -Option to install themed G-apps -Removed Beats -Option to install Beats -Darkened wallpaper to save battery -Added Talk -Added Deskclock -Added option to install different boot animations -Fixed AOSP bootanimation edge (thanks leventccc) -Updated g-apps -Updated Bravia -Improved Battery performance -Removed some sounds 24/4/2012 - 2.4.4 Beats edition -changed boot animation -added beats back in -aosp setup starts but needs phone.apk to continue removed more files -haptic feedback on dialler fixed -more theme -more stability optimized -more but I've done so much since this update I forgot - aroma on next update 22/4/2012 - 2.1.4 NEW!! 267MB -Based on 1.28.401.9 - Thanks to Mike & Baad 4 base -Zipalligned and cleaned rom -Rom is faster than ever!! Apps launch faster too!!! -removed previous updates to build.props -fixed market issues (density back to normal) -Heavily optimized speed/performance tweaks -Excellent battery life and stable -Reverted G-apps to give stock look (will make a themed updated zip shortly) -Fixed 1% battery increase -Fixed google restoring apps -Fixed settings.apk (no more rom control/about works/stock colour) -Themed frameworks - thanks to hello00 (top man!) -Added HTCIME (due to no keyboad in setup - fix soon) - You can change to ICS in settings -Fixed APN (Added HTC Setup to set yourself ) -Updated Wallpaper -Flashed wallpapers to sd card -Enhanced I/O performance -EXT 4 cleanups -Latest SU -Removed more unwanted files -More but damn its late and im tired!!!!! -You will feel the difference.....flash & enjoy a stock AOSP look - more to come 20/4/2012 - 2.0.4 SUPER DUPER STABLE -Added AOSP Settings (link to rom control is dead, fix soon) -Fixed Gallery Sync issues (now settings works) -More look of ICS stock (still more to come) -Themed Framework res/sys ui/ resources .apk (MASSIVE THANKS TO HELLO00) -Added Tweaks for One X (massive thanks j4n87 and for your APM) -Removed android.manifest from Tegra 3 management (thanks mike) -Reduced LCD density for more HD look -Fixed and updated G-Apps (talk /gmail etc) -Updated vending.apk for latest market -Build.prop tweaks for better performance -Extra Tegra 3 prop changes (thanks shaky156) -Zipallign apks and fix permissions on boot -ICS blue overscowl / loading icon -Removed unneeded small files 18/4/2012 - 1.8.4 SUPER STABLE -Rom only 260 MB now!!! -Changes to boot.img default.prop -Removed some UI ringtones/alarms -Added ICS system /widget clock so alarm now works -Added MusicFX.apk for sound enhanced music apps -Added DSP manager for you to change sounds how you like (headset/speaker) -Added Rom Toolbox (fantastic app for personal mods) - Thanks toJRummy16 -CPU Control/Kernel Tweaks/I/O speed tweaks all included in Rom Toolbox -Fixed Talk (now works) -Added CIFS Manager -Removed unneeded LatinIME.apk (was there due to contacts FC) -More more more but I forget 17/4/2012 - 1.7.4 SUPER STABLE RELEASE Please use one last full wipe for maximum stability. -Rebased back to old base 1.26xxx for stability (issues with 1.28) -ROM NOW ONLY 268 MB (Smallest rom for One X) -AMAZINGLY STABLE - BLAZING FAST -BUG FREE (only lockscreen call bug left) -Updated Apps -APM bugs resolved -Build.prop tweaks -Updated bootanimation -Removed unneeded apps /libs -Fixed all market issues -More ICS -More Themed AOSP apps (thanks Hello00) -Back to stock Camera (from AOSP) -Added Titanium Backup -Fixed issues with browser -Updated updater script -Now daily driver 16/4/2012 - 1.6.4 STABLE RELEASE Special thanks to Eggyenergy for his support - Reduced size to 311MB - Rebrand to EXODIZED -Updated screenshots in OP -Many apps removed (more libs in time) -Removed ALL wallpaper / weather vids -Now a stable release :) -Removed beats audio -added cm9 music -fixed Browser (now stock Icon/app) -Fixed battery % to stock (should decrease by % not 10% HOPEFULLY) -Fixed signal bars (better size) -Fixed Wifi signal (now turns blue) -Reverted to sense notification bar (to fix icons will update next release) -More ICS Theme -Youtube HD -Updated Contacts (better theme) -Added Titanium Backup for your ease -Added ICS Clock -Added Android Keyboard -Added Facelock -Gallery sync should now work -Removed 3 dot menu, recent apps is now menu and long press home for recent apps. -Improved Battery -More but I forget - ENJOY THE RELEASE 15/4/2012 - 1.4.2 RC 3 ****remember this is wip and rc**** -rom much more stable and blazing fast official release coming soon (no more rc :)) -removed more apps/libs - major clean up now only 367mb! -changed to apex launcher -camera now fixed and now taking photos with hq mod -removed all data / apps except launcher / file explorer / latinime (needed or contacts fc) -kept htcime for now as android keyboard issues. -wifi icon now correct size (needs colour and still need to do signal) -more but i forgot -sorry but wipe recommended until stable release due to removing libs -removed facelock 14/4/2012 - 1.4 rc 2 ****remember this is wip and rc**** removed more bloatware/more sense - still more to come removed uneeded apps updated boot to gain root in shell (thanks baad) fixed bugs in apm updated icons to slightly larger ones updated browser icon (ics) - has black background could get trasnparent - yet fixed nvidia tegra 3 power manager - credits to mike for noticing. Updated bravia hq camera [email protected] - credits to nodo-gt fixed auto brightness settings - credits to j4n87 removed 3 dot menu (bigger screen (long press home recent apps) wipe recommended. Added dev tools (development.apk) more but i forget - still much more to come
  7. No prob. Thinking of directing the post to here get Paul some additional traffic :). Nice one bud. Great work
  8. hold power and volume down boot into fastboot 'fastboot erase cache' reboot recovery - done!
  9. Trip, please can I please use your rom as a base and share with modacoo,rootzwiki? If not base just parts? as you know I have been making senseless rom and need alot a fixes, they would also be extremely greatful
  10. 'Draw something' is the name of the app that keeps shutting down Sent from my Sensation using Tapatalk 2 Beta-2
  11. Call me sad, but the app draw something keeps closing with no fc message. Love this game Sent from my Sensation using Tapatalk 2 Beta-2
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