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  1. To be honest, the explanation sounds a bit silly, but it actually worked... Thanks a lot, now it (most of the times) deep sleeps!
  2. I know it takes some time for it to go into deep sleep. The cpu spy showed me that, out of 3h 40min it was in deep sleep for 4 seconds, while it was unused most of the time. I don't really want to flash a new rom yet again (that's why I gave up on ics).
  3. I have noticed battery discharging fast. At a point I have tried to press other buttons than the unlock button in order to check if I have a wakelock, and the phone unlocked. CPU spy noticed that it doesn't go to deep sleep at all. Changing from smartassv2 to ondemandx did manage to prolong battery life, but still, does anyone have an idea how to fix the wakelock problem? Betterbatterystats gives me absolutely no data...
  4. Just restarting the phone helps sometimes in instances like this. I had similar issue (different rom), reflashed SU, restarted, and all was fine.
  5. The only thing I have noticed that would benefit from 4MB cache is Rom Manager. I haven't heard anyone else seeing any other benefit from bigger cache. There is a redirect script so yes, 20MB cache is a waste. He already mentioned that, his Blade is broken (it's been for a while, he didn't test last versions of CFX himself). JB is still very experimental, when it matures enough, I have no doubt that developers will start using each other's patches. The differences between different versions of CM10 will be too small for the average user to notice.
  6. KonstaT left an older verion of youtube that works in his thread, download it from there, find an alternative, or don't use it over WiFi.
  7. I had situations with roms not booting, bootlooping etc., but never after 4 tries... Ok, did take more than 4 tries to make AOKP work on my Galaxy Tab, but it said something similar enough to this could happen in the first post, so it kind of could be expected. Didn't flash the last build of KonstaKang yet, though...
  8. Re-TPT shouldn't make any difference, bad flashes happen sometimes, you could try doing it again and see if it works (again with the full wipe, system, data, cache and dalvik cache just to be on the safe side although it will do pretty much nothing :D).
  9. You can't choose the sound, but you can pull down the status bar when it's locked and change from there.
  10. At this stage, it just states that Tilal hasn't managed it, for now. We'll just have to wait and see.
  11. If you haven't done anything stupid with overclocking, did you do all the wipes properly? I had something similar due to a bad flash.
  12. Maybe he has the bad flash, right now I'm using KonstaKANG and have serious speed issues. However as it's said, no wipe no whine, so I'm not going to complain until I have enough time to do a proper flash, as I should have done from the first. His problems may be similar :)
  13. When you say bypassed, does it mean some little elves will make CWM my default recovery (like on Xperia X8) although I can't unlock the bootloader (I'm not really ready to go down that path to be honest), or it can be unlocked? And thanks for your answer :)
  14. I am considering this phone, and would like to know one thing before I take the plunge: is bootloader unlockable? Since it's not factory unlocked (unfortunately), I really don't want to go through the same horror I had with the S-ON on Legend...
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