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  1. Witcher_Kh

    Alcatel OT-986

    How is it possible? Did they post any instructions?
  2. Thanks a lot! Works fine on OT-986. No more ROMs on China forums?
  3. Witcher_Kh

    Alcatel OT-986

    First of all, thanks a lot, Magikstar, for instructions and ROM. On Alcatel everything worked fine - CWM and 4.0.4 ROM. But there is one problem - in new ROM when you try to enter display settings there is an error and it drops me on the desktop, so I can't change my display settings. It would be great if u could post some more ROMs for Alcatel and TCL (I have both), and I'll try them all and find the most stable one. Thanks in advance.
  4. Witcher_Kh

    Alcatel OT-986

    I'm dreaming about MIUI. ) I tried to read that forum, but google translate couldn't help at all. If anyone can help with the translation of some topics, I can test ClockWork and some custom Android. But I'd like to say again that stock firmware is just fine. I rooted it and installed Russian and Ukrainian languages for all the menus and keyboard. I noticed it because there are some certain problems with another wonderful phone - Pantech Vega Racer 2. It's stock firmware is a problem. All its users report several problems from SMS and MMS to slow work. Its users are waiting for custom.
  5. I am using a Chineese version of the phone. Here is a short review. http://www.modaco.com/topic/355902-alcatel-ot-986/
  6. Witcher_Kh

    Alcatel OT-986

    Alcatel OT-986 (TCL S900) review First of all I'd like to apologize for my English. I really did my best. Equipment: Telephone with a film on the screen. Battery. USB-cable Sync / Charge Headset. Cube 1000Mah for Chinese Type A socket Instruction, the warranty on the Chinese. Lyrics. My friend in China ordered the phone in the early days of appearing on ADVERTISING SPAM.com, received it, and then sent to me. My model is TCL S900, not Alcatel OT-986 (there was none on ADVERTISING SPAM at the beginning). My previous device was ZTE Blade, with whom Alcatel will be compared. I do not pretend on objectivity in this review (did not write anything like that), I’ll just try to tell you about one week of using this phone, the problems and the methods of their solution. In general, characteristics of the phone can not be called top-end. It looks like Samsung Galaxy Nexus (processor, RAM, graphics chip). Let's go through all the characteristics of the phone. Design and construction. The phone looks absolutely standard. The only difference is the back cover, which is not very big. Control elements - on the left side - volume control, on the top - 3.5mm headset jack and on / off button, on the right - microUSB. The main camera is located above the battery cover, front camera - left of the small speaker. No buttons, analog or software. The case is made, it seemed to me, of a successful material. The peculiarity of the battery cover is that it does not cover the entire back of the phone. Perhaps it in some way spoils the look of the device, but I find it a practical solution, since solid angles of the device, I think, are more likely to sustain damage. Display. 1280 * 720 IPS You can say a lot of good things about the screen, but there is no need to. Bright picture for movies and games, beautiful fonts in the browser and the reader. Viewing angles are objectively better than the previous phone, which is well seen in the pictures. Look at the photos, in one word. Management, the operating system. First of all it is worth mentioning that the phone comes with the Chinese build Android 4.0.3. It differs from the basic with Chinese market and some programs, whose purpose remains a mystery to me. However, the menu language is English, the keyboard is no problem adding Russian and English input methods. Also note that by default there are no google apps and root. Google apps can be added, by downloading and copying the necessary files to the system partition and then rebooting the phone. Android took this as an upgrade. The second issue was solved quickly, setting a PC program unlockroot. With root almost all Chinese applications were deleted. Touch of the 4.5 "screen, without exaggeration, is excellent. Telephone instantly reacts to clicks, scrolling is very smooth and opening programs is very fast. Just want to mention a whole new level of comfort in the web-surfing, the browser (for testing I used Chrome and Dolphin) runs noticeably faster, page scroll smoothly and without interruption. The point is the lack of physical buttons. Some consider it a disadvantage, because virtual keys are eating space on the screen, but I would not call it critical, because, when using full screen (video viewing, for example), they disappear. Memory. Phone comes with 1 Gb of RAM, which should be enough for all the biggest games and applications, and 4 Gb of flash memory (about 2.5 Gb are available). Slot microSD, as claimed by manufacturer, supports memory cards up to 32 Gb, although it is believed that 64 Gb is also possible to use, that will be checked after a while (card is in order). The quality of connection, Wi-Fi, GPS. The GSM module does not cause any complaints. 2G signal is sufficiently strong and confident. The speaker volume is more than enoughl. 3G unfortunately could not be tested. The specifications claim to support Wi-Fi version N. The GPS module was tested using Navitel. Camera. Main - 5 MPX, front - 2 MPX. The camera phone has not made the revolution. Shoots are quite on the level of its competitors. Video Resolution 1080p, 30 frames per second. Check yourself quality of the video and look at the pictures. The quality of sound. Comparing the sound quality was carried out using the following equipment: telephones Zte Blade, ZTE Skate, stock headphones, Sennheiser IE4, Sennheiser IE8. Without pretending to be objective and not being able to speak as it is able to profile audiophile sites, I only give my opinion. The sound of the phone is fine. Subjectively, the sound is better than on the devices from ZTE. In everyday use on the street, transport, telephone sounds well. In general, stock headset is fine. In addition, these programs would be quite usefull: Power Amp and DSP Manager. Slightly twisting the EQ, you can actually improve the sound. The external speaker is also working flawlessly, no wheezing, the volume of the phone is more than sufficient. The bottom line: good enough sound to suit the majority of those people who listens to music on the street, in vehicles, using headphones priced up to $ 50. Performance and Gaming. Phone Processor - TI OMAP 4460 (working at 1.5 GHz) is no longer a top-end, so the device in the tests showed quite the level of Nexus. The phone works quickly and without delay, start any application almost instantly. It is difficult to say something about games, I tested Dead Trigger at High settings and Aralon HD at maximum settings. Played with no problems, everything is very smooth and beautiful. Just tested FPse - emulator of SPS. Gran Turismo and Ace Combat 2 looked excellent, the screen is enough for a comfortable game. I tested video using the MX Player 720p file is about 3.8 Gb with two tracks. In general, I want to note that the performance receives absolutely no complaints. Especially considering the price of the phone. Conclusions. In conclusion, I would like to say that the phone is excellent. I have not regretted a moment of buying from the first start. But of course I would like to custom firmware, although it is not critical. Thank you. If you have any questions, please ask. The review is written by tiN-naR and Witcher_Kh.
  7. Witcher_Kh

    Alcatel OT-986

    Yes, it is impressive. Up to now everything seems just perfect. A friend sent it to me from China. So it costed 2000 yen + shipment (about 30$). I'll post a short review a bit later. As for now I tested camera today, seem ok. [media=]
  8. Witcher_Kh

    Alcatel OT-986

    Hello everyone. I didn't find topic for my new phone. Yesterday I recieved Alcatel OT-986 (TCL S900) from China, so I'd like to post a short review (I'll do my best with my awful English) and get some help to root it and customise Android (delete chinese apps). If anyone could help, I'd be very greatful.
  9. Tomorrow will be some kind of great ZTE release. Waiting.
  10. It's amazing! Big thanks! Tilal, is it possible to see the changelog?
  11. Hi everyone. Installed 15/04 - works good, looks even better. Thanks to Sej for this opportunity! The question is this. Has anyone tried Beats audio patch for this ROM? I know some 2.3 ROMs have it, so I'm very interested if anyone already has any experience. Thanks for answers.
  12. Hello there. First I'd like to thank Tilal for hard but really impressive work! It really inspires! I'm going to upgrade my Blade to ICS (now using CM7, but have some problems with stability and battery life), but still have some questions. Has anyone changed the CPU frequency? How far does it work fine? This is really important because on 600 MHz some videos don't go very smooth. MX player works fine? How do you play video and what size of files? Any troubles now with handset from the box? While using John77 ROM (Android 2.2), volume was quite low. Sorry, if those questions already had answers, it’s not easy to read in English. And big apologizes for my "English". Best regards!

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