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  1. Haha should have seen that. This is the solution certainly :D
  2. HTC did not release kernel sources yet, how should Trip be able to?
  3. That's because a hardware menu-button is availale (task switcher button). And this is the reason why I prefer the menu botton remapped on long-press home-button. ICS menu button in apps will still be there ;)
  4. IMO the best solution would be to remap the menu button to long-press home. Have that on sense roms and it's a great intermediate. apps which do have a menu button will show it. this wouldn't be shown when task-switcher-button is remapped to menu button.. Try it and you'll see what I mean. Other then that absolutely awesome progress Trip! keep it up
  5. Nice Trip you're doing a great progress! Take your time to release a proper version.. It's gonna be AMAZING!
  6. Yeah no hurry mate. Afaik you just got your one x yesterday. Or even today? you'll get it soon enough, I trust in you Thanks for working on it Pete
  7. I don't know if you got my pm on xda but here's a log from recovery. only backed up boot and recovery here. http://pastebin.com/sPw3tEpU Sorry Pete
  8. That was it :) Stupid me, I could have tried to redownload. Sorry And thanks for quick reply! Now let's start flashing :D Pete
  9. The fastboot boot r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-ville.img doesn't work on my device. I was able to boot the superboot though. Is there a way to save the original recovery img so I can try to flash you recovery but possible flash back stock recovery? Thats wat happens: fastboot boot r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-ville.img downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY [ 1.092s] booting... OKAY [ 0.016s] finished. total time: 1.108s Special Splash Screen Splash Screen without additional text Phone boots up normally
  10. Well I can't say if Vodanfone is gonna receive a special version of the One S from HTC but the HTC One S I hold in my hand unfortunately does NOT have a SD Slot!
  11. Didn'T work for htcdev unlocked htc one s here.. I'm sure itt'll work sooner or later tho Thanks for sharing! Cheers Pete Edit: It also says **TAMPERED** after I tried to use superboot
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