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  1. The fingerprint scanner is onscreen, but the buttons aren't!? Samsung logic.
  2. Wow. Non-removable batt?!? Sigh...those bastards.
  3. Let's not get ahead of ourselves ;) It's hard to beat a Nexus.
  4. Nice. Let's hope it really does have special battery management features in it like you said.
  5. Daggum. I just got the e-mail too. Crazy though because that's an aggressive timeline to phase 'em out it seems. Oh well, Google can do whatever they want I guess. Their service & I'll still continue to use Wallet either way.
  6. Awesome. I really hope I win!! Thanks Modaco!
  7. Random fact about me: I can type on type different keyboards at the same time. Oh, & I use a Galaxy Nexus (the best phone there is!)
  8. I'm actually quite bewildered as to why you guys like it on top. I know everyone has their own personal preference, which is why Android is great, but now I'm curious as to what makes it better than being on bottom. I guess you could say you're just used to it there, but I don't seem to understand how it's not annoying coming out from the top. (honestly asking) Not sure how many other Android phones are like this...but have you tried using a phone like the gnexus that has it on the bottom?
  9. Nope. I've always hated the placement of the audio jack on Android phones. Ever since I got the Galaxy Nexus, which has it located on the bottom, I've been so pleased with it being there(compared to where it was on my previous Android phones). For example, when I pull my phone out of my pocket, I don't have to flip it around to see the screen. When it's on top... you do & the cord is always draped around in an awkward way, IMO.
  10. Damn you audio jack on top!!
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