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  1. @ Salamin1: I've noticed that too, but it's very strange, at first it won't connect, but when I enter wifi settings it connects right away.
  2. For me, this rom is much better than superslim, I don't get that annoying bug with low ringtone volume, I have customisable notification power toggles, I don't need led light manager, I can use cool themes, like crystal etc., I can configure lockscreen and answer screen the way I like it, toggle 2g/3g with Llama is working... and I have found 0 bugs so far.
  3. Very nice job man, I just might stay for a while on this one. Good old CM7, no need for custom apps for lock screens, answer screens, led notifications, power toggles, it has everything I need, and everything works great. Once again, thank you Garnt.
  4. I've noticed that sometimes the ringing volume starts normally and then, after a few seconds, it drops to a really low level. I wonder why is this happening? Anyone else having this issue?
  5. 3G working just fine for me, both on 109808 and 2030 baseband.
  6. If you've read my previous posts in this topic, you would see that I was the first one to say: people bear in mind that we're doing this at our own risk. I can only blame myself for flashing something experimental and unofficial. I just asked Dazz and everyone else could it be that my phone died because of that famous recovery, because it was working just fine before, so my hardware was absolutely fine. And you can all see the response I got from Dazz after that. I rest my case here, you can search my posts all over the Modaco and easily see if I'm a whiner of not.
  7. @ george109. I've never blamed Dazz for anything. I blamed ''recovery-clockwork-'' and I was right about it. I just don't like the attitude in his posts on this forum. @rymate1234. Yes, I was on XDA for quite a few years before I bought G300. @ tcpaulh. You're probably right, I was already looking at some new quad core beasts in shops when they called me and said it's fixed. ;)
  8. A simple ''sorry'' would do the trick. This is my fourth android device and I've rooted and flashed every one of them so many times, I've talked to so many developers about their roms, bugs, helped them in any way I could, but I've never encounter an arrogant one like you are. You need to grow up my friend, life is often hard, unfair, so stop complaining about it.
  9. There is a fix, if you have a spare motherboard for G300... Otherwise take it to service like I did.
  10. This topic could be named ''Amazing sudden death of many G300s'' instead... I've got my device back from service, they've replaced the hole motherboard. So, I'm gonna stick to good old jsevi83's slim roms until I buy a new device. I guess this is why we need to read the famous disclaimer ''Use this at your own risk'' many times before we try anything new.
  11. Thank you for your answer, you've restored my fate in this forum. ;)
  12. I don't know Dazz, that's why I'm asking for another experience with it. In my opinion, the main purpose of great forums like this, is so that someone like me, who doesn't know much, can ask for help from somebody like you, who knows much, right? There's no reason to get nervous, really...
  13. OK, so nobody tried version from my previous post, including the developer??? Come on people, it's too late for my device, I know that, but I really think that I'm not asking too much... Or maybe I am? :wacko:
  14. OK, I'm gonna take my phone back to store and claim my warranty anyway, but for the sake of everyone else, can someone please confirm that he has flashed this version of recovery without any problems: recovery-clockwork- from http://g300.thebronasium.com/octopus/
  15. I've been in engineering for about six years now, and there is one rule that stands for 99% of times, and it goes like this: If you changed something in your device (system, config,...) and something is broken after that, try to undo the change you've made, cause there is a very big chance that it's the change itself that's causing the problem. Now, I'm not saying that it's recovery that bricked my phone, I'm just saying that it was working just fine until I flashed new recovery and pressed ''restart recovery'' option. It could be many different things, but my logic and my experience are telling me that it has something to do with that change that I've made (flashing the new recovery).
  16. Any idea why is my phone fully bricked after installing ''recovery-clockwork-'' from http://g300.thebronasium.com/octopus/ ??? I had recovery-clockwork-hybrid- before this. Just to say, it seems like my motherboard has died, I can't even power on the phone. :angry2: :(
  17. @Dazz: Any idea why is my phone fully bricked after installing ''recovery-clockwork-'' from http://g300.thebronasium.com/octopus/ ??? I had recovery-clockwork-hybrid- before this. Just to say, it seems like my motherboard has died, I can't even power on the phone. :angry2: :( Edited, so djuroue and anyone else don't get excited about it.
  18. Latest update changed my default storage to internal. Restoring v30.08
  19. Dovahpig, could you please add something like this to this rom: http://www.modaco.com/topic/356194-additional-kernel-modules-cifsko-and-tunko/?hl=%20tun%20%20module Edit: I did it with RootExplorer, I just have one more problem, Titanium Backup is just not working, I wonder why...
  20. OK, so this rom is really fast and smooth, definitely much more free ram then on ICS, but among all other things that I miss, like full screen caller ID, customisable toggles, Nova launcher etc. I really can't use this rom because it has no tun.ko module, that I need to connect to vpn at work. :(
  21. My phone hangs at Huawei logo after a full wipe and a clean install. I'm on 2030 baseband and have officially unlocked bootloader. Restoring Slim v13... Edit: After another download and reinstall everything is OK. Will report back how it performs.
  22. I've just tried your advice szornyu, and still no mobile data...
  23. I've tried all the settings you can think of regarding APNs without any success. I strongly believe it's a ROM issue.
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