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  1. Hello, When my mobile had 4.1 version of Android, I could go to Security -> Lock screen -> Shortcuts to change the shortcuts. But, after Android 4.3 update, I am unable to find a way to change the shortcuts on the lock screen. Could you guide me through how I can achieve this? I tried Settings -> My Device -> Lock Screen, but there is no Shortcuts button there. Thank you for your response,
  2. Hello, Does your S3 record also the sound of focusing when it is on AF mode?
  3. I have been using this rom for around 6 months and the only problem I found is the camera. Please check two attachments below. One of them has been captured using my gf's ZTE with Swedish Snow (2.3) and the other is captures using this ROM (4.2) It seems like 4.2 cannot focus as well as 2.3 and it is very slow to take the pictures. I enabled shake-free mode, but the problem still the same. It gives the idea that the camera is very bad as the image quality is poor. With 2.3 it takes only 0.5-1 sec to take the picture, howewer 4.2 takes around 2-2.5 secs. I flashed the ROM 2 times, but it is the same problem. Did anyone notice this and how can I solve the problem? PS: Photos: Left 2.3, right 4.2...
  4. Ops. Sorry, I was touching the blank image thats why I was unable to do it :). Thanks :)
  5. This maybe very newbie question, but how do you save an unknown missed call number. I keep pressed, but it does not let me save nor show the options.
  6. Yes i had the same problem and reflashed! Now its great. Just read this post.
  7. The only way I found to translate Cyanogen was to download all repository and edit xml files one by one. That was why I was trying to download all repository. Is there another easier way to translate?
  8. I also asked about downgrading on my previous post and they recommended reflashing. Now it is working like a charm! Regarding to self building: I followed the instructions, but even though now it has downloaded more than 9GB, why I cannot see any files inside clone dir? Actually is there any easier way to complete translations or do I need to download everything? I mean how can I download only string.xml files?
  9. So you say wiping will solve the issue? Because I had no problems with 2.3.5
  10. Which one is more stable? I was using 10.1, but often I have some slowdowns and lack of memory management such as laggy program switches even between Call and Messages and now I am planning to reduce it into 10 or Swedish Snow (2.3). Can anyone make a suggestion? Edit: Also sometimes it won't wake up by pressing Power key, the only solution is removing battery.
  11. Thanks. I will try it. I have 194/204 MB /system partition. So it means will directly copy it somewhere and make install from ClockRecovery? My second question is, why swipe does not work here? In English, i see the traces but it does not have any effects. In Turkish i even cannot see the tracks.
  12. Hi, Thanks for this great ROM. I upgraded from Konstat Swedish Snow to this one just now. I want to know if it is possible to use the same boot animation existed in Swedish Snow? Thanks in advance.
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