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  1. C3CO for president.!!!! Especially for hungarian IME...
  2. Some modified stuff for IA3 theme, u can install from CWM Recovery...system_install.zip Samples :
  3. And what de differences between IA3 and this ROM.? I can't see nothing essential..
  4. Try to edit /system/etc/gps.conf (if your rom have this file).. My gps.conf : -> "NTP_SERVER=eu.pool.org NTP_SERVER=0.europe.pool.ntp.org NTP_SERVER=1.europe.pool.ntp.org NTP_SERVER=2.europe.pool.ntp.org NTP_SERVER=3.europe.pool.ntp.org XTRA_SERVER_1=http://xtra1.gpsonextra.net/xtra.bin XTRA_SERVER_2=http://xtra2.gpsonextra.net/xtra.bin XTRA_SERVER_3=http://xtra3.gpsonextra.net/xtra.bin INTERMEDIATE_POS=1 C2K_HOST=c2k.pde.com C2K_PORT=1234 SUPL_HOST=FQDN SUPL_HOST=supl.google.com SUPL_PORT=7276 SUPL_SECURE_PORT=7275 SUPL_NO_SECURE_PORT=3425 SUPL_TLS_HOST=FQDN SUPL_TLS_CERT=/etc/SuplRootCert ACCURACY_THRES=5000 CURRENT_CARRIER=common DEFAULT_USER_PLANE=TRUE REPORT_POSITION_USE_SUPL_REFLOC=1"
  5. What's up, guys.? This ROM is so great like the silence is are here.? :D
  6. I use both of them :)
  7. Ohhhh, i use Kelzsoca's IA3 with some special features.. But maybe i'll try later... This ROM have 2 way call recording.?
  8. But it's useless.. Don't want to rebuild for 5MB extra space.?
  9. Rom include: /system/etc/pcsuite.iso ~ 4,5MB plus /system/lost+found directory..
  10. siddis

    Must have apps

    Skvalex Call Recorder, Sygic, aFirewall, Root Explorer, dr.Web Antivirus, SD Maid Pro, Dolphin Mini, Mobile AlarmSystem, Android Weather My Backup Pro, K9 Mail, GPS Test Plus,Angel Camera DX, Total Commander, WinAMP and finally the System Tuner Pro
  11. C3CO, u dont want to be the Next Pope.?.?.? I vote for you and your ROM's... Excellent...
  12. Hahhhh, i was more times at Lucenec in Prior "Mall" :-) :-) I lived near of the Slovakian border :-) And i was a Running Wild and Halloween -fan :-) My favourite songs/clip in this time :
  13. OK guys, let's rock'n'roll... http://www.2shared.com/file/ljSufj5q/skate-mix-365_260512.html

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