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  1. HI Guys, Touch screen for my racer is not working.Initially for few days, whenever I used to press some icon on my screen it used to activate the sideby icon means the screen response was somewhat tilted (whatever I intend to press and activate, it activated something else near to it). It happened for few days and it used to come back to normal fine state by itself.But one day I found that touch is not responding at all.Only the hard keys are working.Whenever I press anywhere on the screen nothing activates ..but I get some type of vibration each time I press anything on the screen means its able to recognise my touch but nothing happens means I can see the various icons on my screen but whenever I press anyone of them or press anywhere on the screen ..it just vibrates and nothing activates.....I thought its a rom issue(i was using racerboy# v224)...so I booted the phone with clockwork mode using the hard keys...removed the old rom...and even uploaded another used and tested rexchuns BO2 rom.But now I am stuck in middle-way ...when I powered on the device...it shows the green android icon...and ask me to touch the screen to activate the rom and touch is not working.Is there anything can be done.Please help.The phone never fell or screen is not broken...the touch screen stopped responding one day by itself after incorrect responses for few days as mentioned earlier.Please help. Regards, Kooldroid.
  2. I am total newbie here.But it didnot take me enough time to realize that RACERBOY has become a brand now ....for every racer.The name should be patented.Salute to you Man and Thanks for all the efforts you have put in...thanks Mate!!!!!!
  3. Hi Bro.......It did allo me to partition it.So I partistioned all of 256 to swap of 256.And for first time the phone came up with the sdcard on it.I connected the phone to pc with usb cable still it shows please insert a disk.Is there a faint chane I can recover the sd card.What is the next step after sdcard partition.I wanted the faint chance to become alive ...:) and hope its not all dead as i was thinking earlier....too optimistic...
  4. kooldroid

    Dell xcd28 metamorph problem

    HI Anil and Srk...I am also fan of rexchuns BO2 as touch sensivity is awesome.....But you can aslo give a try to cm7_2.3.7_Racer_full-257v2..its Racerboy's rom and you can get the link from his own link.Flash it with vamshi_racer_kernel_2.6.32.9#68 and put the governors to smartassv2 mode.Also you can use superchargeV6.All details on 1st link of Racerboys' won link.Touch is awesome , google apps included.In keyboard touch it slightly lags BO2.Rest is all same and may be better..........
  5. Thanks for your adive....Guys.Its totally dead.I tried to check the sdcard from Data Reader/adapter.Its not getting detected.It says ,please insert a disk...its gone :mellow:. lfernandes...Bro, phone with sdcard is not coming up...its just rebooting again and again.When I used to format it clockworkmode in recovery mode, it was not able to mount usb not able to format.Its just giving error: failure mounting.Some how the phone came up one time but when I used ROM Manager, it says please insert a disk....
  6. Thanks Tig Tex for the response. 1)I donot have adapter/Card reader right now.Will arrange for it by tomorrow to either check the card is detected at all(throygh the reader), backup or format it, 2)Went to clockworkmod recovery(Photom-CWM-Recovery v4.0.1.5) witth sd card on slot....mounts and storage...format/sdcard.. its showing :- Formatting /sdcard.............Error mounting /sdcard !...........Skipping format............Done 3)Connected phone to pc via usb.......... mounts and storage-------mount usb storage. its showing : - E: Unable to write to ums lunfile(No such file or directory) :mellow: that is the status till now...will look for a card reader..... Also when connected the phone to pc with usb cable I can see the removable disk(E:) icon under my computer.But if I try to format it...it says to insert the disk under E; drive.Obviously its not detecting the drive properly...will try with a card reader though... I have ordered 8 GB sandisk microsdhc card.And the real worry is that if suppose my current 2 GB card is good may be the the hardware slot will be having problem which will not detect my new card too...I hope thats not the case....
  7. I removed the microsd card from my phone for a while and then when Iconnected it back to the slot and rebooted the phone.Its not coming up, just showing the green android icon.So I removed the sdcard and switched on device, it came up ,working fine without sdcard.Then tried again by connecting the sdcard to the phone but the phone is longer able to mount the sdcard.Its not coming up with sdcard on it.I have Racerboy #224 on my Dell XDC28.Please let me how can I get the sdcard mounted on my phone again.Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Got answer to my own question ;) .I wiped and reflashed the same rom(#224) and this time used a different Busybox installer and it worked all fine.:D
  9. hmmm...got it.Even the root checker says rooted.But when I am trying to the run the busybox installer it gives error as "NO ROOT ACCESS.. your box must be rooted to install busybox, ..If you feel that you are receiving this message in error please go to the superuser app and click on busybox installer and then clic Forget and restart the app " Doing same going to superuser app but there is no option of "Forget" ,just i can allow it or delet the busybox details....ANYWAY may be I am taking this busybox thing more seriously :D ...I should not.:) .Thanks Bro
  10. HI Bro...I reflashed to # 224v2...everything is fine but it says my phone is no longer rooted.I used universal androot when I had froyo 2.2 but its not working ..may as I went to 2.3.7.Plesae let me know a way to root my phone.I want this to use v6 supercharger.....:unsure: ...as said I am at 224v2.thnks in advance.
  11. HI Bro...Just a suggestion..why dont you try Rexchuns BO2.It will not disappoint atleast in terms of touch and sensivity.However you need to go for google apps link separately and may need to add your default apn for gprs.
  12. Hi plegdroid...I liked racerboy's #257...will definately try #224.
  13. I somehow got the cm7_2.3.7_Racer_full-257v2 from racerboy's own link.Tried it,I will say its equally awesome.And touch screen is very sensitive and if we flash it with Vamshi's kernal : vamshi_racer_kernel_2.6.32.9#68, the performance increases more.But I believe this makes it extra sensitive means calibration is not right.You will notice it when you use the keyboard...you press a key softly..it types it double...also more sensitivity leads to type wrong keys if you type fast.Also you have to install for wifi tethering separately.I used it for 2 days and really admire it but I donot want something where I am not able to type fastly with friends...so returing back to BO2.It drains battery but its OK...I have two many charge points...:P B) .I would like rexchun to remove the fast battery drain from BO2.Hope he can fill it in a pot full of charges...;)
  14. :o :( Everytime I try to download rom ICSv4_2.3.7_based_on_257 from Racerom site.It completes download befaore downloading 97.74 MB.It downloads only approx 57 Mb of the file.Can you give me another link for this ROM or can you upload it for me somewhere.

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