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  1. i don't know that.... i have seen there is jelly bean update in a month and kernel source released on wiko website
  2. i think i will buy a wiko cink peax (a clone of W3+) i hope there will be a lot of devs interested by theses cheapest phone as they have already release source :D
  3. most annoying issue for me is that i have very low volume in call with all cyanogen based roms... i have to always return to stock based.
  4. hello all, is there any way to save battery while wifi tethering? recently i'm using it a lot to share connection with my new tab (yuandao n101) i have tried a lot of rom,different kernel,reduce transmit power option in wifi tether apps.... any advice? thanks
  5. there's nothing you can do without rooting your tab first.search ad-hoc wpa supplicant on google
  6. my tab don't have ad-hoc support with stock firmware. i think you have to mod wpa.
  7. thanks have you change settings for make it work or are you using default? i have tried all and none of my devices see network
  8. i read in the first post that wifi tethering work with an external app but i have tried many apps and nothing works please can someone tell me if it work for him?
  9. very nice build...awesome work lalit :) i try to make wifi tether for root users work but i can't... is anyone have the same problem?
  10. i saw that but creedence say that update available i don't no what to think i don't want to hurt you
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