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  1. Do you know how to get beats audio on ICS Galaxy NEX?
  2. Mine does the same thing. I live in a rural location. I always put my phone on CDMA and Home only and that seems to get better coverage. I don't know about the radios. I am still very new at this:)
  3. I was having random re-boots before rooting. It's a common thing among some Gnex. It stopped doing it after the root.
  4. Great:) Thanks for the tip. I am re-rooted now and am hesitant on flashing rom. Gonna' do more research and make sure I am doing it correctly.!
  5. Thanks:) What does that mean? lol I did get the problem fixed by unrooting. Then I re-rooted and lost root again when I updated to 4.0.4. So now I will reroot. and try a modaco rom asap. I would really like my facebook sync etc. Thanks again! I may post again whne I get ready to install the rom.
  6. My problem is fixed using Wugfresh Tookit. I unrooted then rooted. It took me 8 hours to figure out a 20 minute process. Thanks for all the help from everyone. I will now try to re-flash the rom and post later.:):)
  7. CDMA is what I installed. Then I tried the kitchen and now I'm stuck :(
  8. Hello, The 1st time my phone got stuck on boot animation and I had to pull battery and go back to stock successfully. The 2nd time the phone got stuck on boot animation and so I pulled the battery hoping to go back to stock and now the error message says error while recovering data. So I went to advanced restore and tried recovering data. Same error. Then I went to ad restore and recovered system. I am now on a locked homescreen that is permanently locked. I hope my phone isn't broken. Help is appreciated immensely
  9. Yes. After the 2nd try my phone did the same thing, so I rebooted and tried to go back to stock. Now I can't restore because an error message pops up saying error when restoring data.
  10. Hello, Were you able to flash the rom? The same thing happened to me twice. The first time I used the CDMA zip file above the kitchen. The 2nd time I used the custom rom in the kitchen. Same thing happened.Any help is appreciated. I am new...
  11. Thanks:) I will try. So the pre- bake is the CDMA zip file? Just double checking. I am so new...lol
  12. Hello, I am a beginner and I would like to know how to flash the rom in 2 parts if there is just one file to download in the kitchen? And are the pre-bakes the 2 zip files that are above the kitchen? Are those the one to flash in 2 parts and if so how to do it? Any help is appreciated. I tried flashing the CDMA zipfile and it just stayed the boot screen for 10 minutes so I pulled the battery and went back to stock.

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