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  1. I have had this problem too, but i have had it since i moved to CM9 about a year ago. Like you i can send and recieve MMS If i'm connected to a WiFi, but not otherwise. I have naturally checked the APN's a million times but everything is correct. I gave up on MMS a long time ago. I should probably have digged a little deeper, but i just couldn't be bothered. i just tried ECO 9, but MMS did not work for me with this ROM either. I don't write this to whine, this is no big issue for me. But i wanted to confirm to Rockas that the problem exist.
  2. I may have solved a similar problem today. Data connection got switched on and off, the icon was grey showing arrows up and down and sometimes took a very long time to recover. The main problem was that a could not send or recieve MMS but other applications also behaved erratic An app called "Eniro på sjön" worked terrible but now it works as expected. This is an app for nautical charts that uses the GPS. When i opened the app it took forever (1-2 minutes) to display the maps. The app "yr", a weather app that also uses GPS also had problems. When solving the MMS problem it turned out to be a problem with APN under mobile networks. I don't know how many times i changed it back and fourth but eventually it works. My provider is Telia in sweden. Might be a clue, might be nothing. EDIT: I forgot to say that this is on CM9, and as you mentioned in a previous post, i too did not have this problem with tilal's release.
  3. Good job! Works pretty good. Feels snappier than CM7. Bugs: GPS not working at all. Downloaded "GPS Status". Phone rebooted 10 seconds after starting app. Gallery works ok for me, no slowdowns. Slideshow in gallery stops working on seconds photo.
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