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  1. Well, that was the plan but I'd been able to stretch my budget a bit and go for a One X instead. :) I may still be going for something else though, the g-sensor on my One X isn't working and if it's expensive to fix I'm just going to return it and buy a different phone.
  2. I just bought myself an HTC One X, and sold my Skate. I might still check here from time to time, but I won't be particularly active. If you still want to follow me, I think I'll mostly be on the XDA One X forum now, and as always you can just follow me on Twitter. All in all, I'm very thankful for the amazing work I've seen some devs create for the Skate. I think I would've upgraded much sooner if it weren't for a few devs here. :)
  3. I'd also be happy to test if that's okay. Haven't managed to sell my Skate yet, so I don't have anything better to do with it. :P
  4. That's actually fairly easy to explain. It does have a battery temperature sensor (I even have an app in my notification drawer that displays it), however it doesn't have an ambient temperature sensor. The 'pressure' test you have there doesn't actually use a dedicated sensor - it just estimates pressure from how much of your finger is touching the screen. All phones aside from the Note line do this, because a 'pressure sensor' in phones means air pressure, not screen pressure.
  5. Huh, maybe you just had a bad card. I've owned a couple of Kingston products and they've all been great. I have a 4GB Kingston USB stick that's easily 6 years old and still working perfectly (unlike my 8GB Transcend stick that fell apart after a month of use).
  6. Nope, it comes with S2E installed if you want to use that (and it's better than int2ext, IMO). You should be able to flash any scripts just fine as long as they're compatible with CM7.
  7. Oh yeah, I see people talking about GravityBox all the time now on Reddit and XDA. I barely find time to support my backup solution on XDA, I can't imagine working on a project as big as yours.
  8. Nice. I'm probably going to settle for an extra or extended battery for my next phone. Too late to do it for my Skate as I'm selling it next week. :)
  9. I'm going to be unlocking my phone when I sell it in a few weeks, so thanks a lot for that. I remember really liking the guides on there before but I completely forgot about it.
  10. That sounds about right. Now you have a gigabyte of space on your SD card for apps.
  11. Unless you're updating from an earlier version of this ROM, just use the main download link. ADW Launcher is very good in my experience.
  12. How does CM Inc. have anything to do with that? ._. I guess we really do need an alternative to CM now more than ever.
  13. Requires Android 4.0 and up. That's probably the reason. It's compatible with my Nexus 7 VM but not my phone running CM7.
  14. It really would. CM has already been the 'base' ROM for non-Nexus devices for years now, and we'll need a replacement for it if CyanogenMod Inc. takes a wrong turn somewhere. This situation has definitely exposed how reliant the ROM community is on CM, which is exactly why we need a viable alternative to base ROMs on.
  15. Okay.. this is weird, but it worked for me. The other day I had a similar problem - my phone was unusably slow, battery lasted maybe 30 minutes of screen-on time, etc. I took out my SanDisk 16GB class 4 card, rubbed it against my shirt for a second and put it back in. It fixed it completely. I have absolutely no idea how or why it worked, but something about reseating the card made the problem go away.
  16. http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1mswz1/an_android_rom_project_which_only_focuses_on/ (Look at who submitted it. :) )
  17. That seems like it would be extremely difficult to port to Gingerbread. I don't think it's worth the trouble.
  18. No offense intended, it just irks me to see videos recorded in portrait. :)
  19. Wow, from 4.3" to 6.3". That's must be quite a shock. :P
  20. Oh, MIUI is nice. Strange that he'd choose to port it before something like CM or AOKP (assuming that's built from source, I can't tell).
  21. Oh, that's nice. Are they planning to release an update to Android 4.3 in the future?
  22. MediaTek is really not developer friendly. Like I've said before, building ROMs from source (CM, AOKP, etc.) is basically impossible. However, there are some pretty great Xposed mosules (like C3C0's) that can help you get back some custom ROM functionality, but not all of it. And of course you can forget about updates.
  23. Are you sure your file explorer has root access and permissions to edit that file? Also check if the file is read-only.
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