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  1. I I do everything ,but cant cross boot logo.Is someone install nitro on this rom?
  2. It seams that doesnt work with android kitkat 4.4.2.I do everything what honigfisch said,and cant cross boot logo.I wait more than 10min.Is someone successfully install this on that Rom?
  3. Works great for now.Im really surprised.Only problem i have is when i install int2ext+ scrpt ,system going slow often and lagy.Probably that is couse my memory card ,which is 4.class.Do you have some recommendation ,what i should use instead of int2ext,for expansion of my memory.For now i try link2sd,but that isnt that.
  4. Well ,i dont have problem when i use "all in one" option in tpt,on that way im install recovery yesterday.But now when i try "Create your own TPT" and sets everything i want ,i get this message,which means everything ok probably: TPT Built -Finished building your TPT.I dont get green screen,nothing happens.When i shut down the phone,and turn on again ,with pressing vol (+ or-) and menu,in one case(vol-) i enter only in recovery,in 2.case (vol+) just starting system.
  5. Ok,i understand that i have to expand system partition.But i somehow couldnt do that.I create my own tpt,set parameters on 4mb cache and 230 system,and everything seems ok.No errors .But than i turn off phone,try with vol - ,menu,pwer(i have cwm phone just go in recovery ,nothing is changed.Still gaaps dont works.I try with vol up too,but than just start up system.What i m doing wrong?
  6. I reinstall recovery and now works.But now i have problem with gaaps.I forgot how to do that with partitions size.How can i expand system size?
  7. Is someone sucess install this rom with cwm-recovery I cannot do that.
  8. When i start flash this rom ,its says "instalation aborted" cause "some symlinks failed" (status 7) ? I'm using photom CWM recovery v4.0.1.5.
  9. I tried almost every and i think that H3 Holo is the best .
  10. ok maybe i found some small bug,maybe its not :) .Youtube ,when is on some longer time,video stops but sound working .For working again ,you must stop in process YT ,or reset phone.Thats happens to me 3 times.Is someone else register this problem?
  11. Ok .I must say one more time ,that its probably best rom for our phone ,and i'm for 2 years tried probably about 30 different :D .Good job.
  12. Great rom for now .I dont have any problem.Can i update Holo launcher plus above this?
  13. Well probably.What else that i install memory of phone is the same :) .For now it seems that work very good .Tnx.
  14. I just tried that.In settings of link2sd check autolink,and thats it?It seems to me like yes.Firstly i do partition sd card from recovery and put the ext size on 1024mb and swap size on 0 m .Is that all correct?
  15. Tnx omegavesko ;) . How we can increase memory on this rom ?I think when we want to use part of memory card for that.I tried this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1477996 but obviously couse this not cm rom ,that doesnt work. Do we have another way for that ?
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